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The Espada is a rock band formed by Sosuke Aizen the Asshole in 2001. It consists of two singers, ten musicians and Aizen himself as the band manager, fashion desigher and general asshole. The band was created to combat against Gotei 13 and some controversial clothesline created for the Bleach fashion series. All band members, supporters and groupies are called Arrancar, and the musicians are called the Espada. All of the members used to be corrupted Pokemon known as Hollows but were transformed by Aizen using a magic rubix cube called the Hyougou. The Espada have quite the following, but in recent months Tite Kubo and Gotei 13 fought back agaisnt the band after the clothesline started being boycotted by fans.


The Espada in their heyday. Their stagenames are written on the image.


Back in 2001, Aizen Sosuke had grown bored of being a member of Gotei 13 and an interior designer. Wanting a new leash of life, Aizen decided to leave Soul Society to form a rock band in a place called Hueco Mondo Groovy Babyland, apparently the ultimate place for music in the world. He convinced pop singer Gin Ichimaru and reggae singer Rick James to accompany him. The three caused a lot of havoc in Soul Society before leaving. In Hueco Mondo Groovy Babyland, Aizen used a supercube called Hyougou to transform some mutant Pokemon called Hollows into humanoid band members. Many auditions came and went, and Aizen eventually formed the band, named the Espada. Their main recording centre is a large building called Menos Nachos.

Several members have come and gone, either killed or kicked out. During their time in the band, all of the Arrancar have gained zankupato swords which they can release their true mutant forms, giving them across between human and Pokemon forms.

Band Members


Ulquiorra Cifer

Marylin Manson Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra as he usually looks.

Number 4 of the Espada, lead singer and resident emo. Ulquiorra joined the band in order to make fasion modelist Orihime Inoue jealous of him. Rumour has it he proposed to her shortly after kidnapping her for Aizen's sex toy, but was rejected by her immediately. Because of this, Ulquiorra now suffers constant crying tantrums of green acid, and has turned into a full time emo, pulling out a knife and screaming hysterically every time someone mentions her name. He has a strange fascination with trash, and tends to get insane illusions believing people to look like it. He is usually partnered during music lessons with Yammy, Number 10, and the resident dumbass. Ulquiorra also plays an air guitar, which is one of the many reasons he has such a big fanbase. Ulquiorra was recently snapped by the press releasing his zankupato, causing him to sprout giant bat wings, and he has such earned the title of "Emo Bat". As a Hollow, he was a mutated Golbat. He fights Ichigo Kurosaki for a little while, and then transforms again, becoming Marilyn Manson. As Manson, Ulquiorra's rock music and singing nearly killed Ichigo Kurosaki, prompting him to take drugs and turn into Freakazoid, who then blasted half of Ulquiorra's body away before reverting to normal. Ulquiorra's lack of green acid caused him to fade away as dust, but not before he told Orihime he loved her (by asking her if she feared him, which she said "no" to). So sad!

Gin Ichimaru

French Gin Ichimaru

Ichimaru in such a fabulous mood.

The second lead singer and backstabber. Gin agreed to be a part of the band after Aizen convinced him to join (you don't want to know how!). He has a long history of affairs with Rangiku Matsumoto who dumped him shortly after she met male model Renji Abarai. Walking in on them one night together mentally and physically scarred Gin to the point of becoming blind. Gin has a serious allergic reacton to contact lenses (and glasses are considered not hot in the band - with the exception of Szyael and Aizen when he wants to look nice) so he was forced to constantly squint his eyes ever since then, (a major turnoff to many fangirls rating him 12th in the group). Being an eccentric fan of Michael Jackson, Gin agreed to plastic surgery and a facelift, which is now the cause of his abnormal grinning. His goal in life is to murder Renji and become Aizen's bitch. He is constantly found arguing with Ulquiorra about staining his clothes with blood, and listening to Emo music full blast. In the final battle of the bands showdown, Gin tries to kill Aizen, revealing he is the number one supporter of Spinal Tap. Aizen transforms into a Butterfree and kills Ichimaru, who dies in Rangiku Matsumoto's arms.
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