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Am I supposed to define erratic? I'm not sure if I'm supposed to because that's what Undictionary is for and OH GOD what will they do to me if they don't like this page, because I've seen the list of weapons that don't exist but should and (despite being markedly better than this article) scares the crap out of me because if someone had the imagination to do that, what will they do to me?

Kittens are great, by the way. Did I ever mention how I once had this cat, but it died? A car hit it, and it was exactly like watching tomato ketchup being squeezed from a bottle. I didn't mind much, though, because it's all part of natural selection, and if a cat doesn't know that standing in the way of a red two-ton Volvo coming at it like a bull with a firework up it's ass is a bloody stupid thing to do then it doesn't really deserve to live at all.

But back to the subject, though, writing erratic is kinda hard to do -that's why I borrowed some 'pep' pills of this guy who was stood on a sidewalk to help me write it but now all I can think about is what will happen if I don't stop writing- and so I should probably just let this joke last for as long as possible before people start to get bored with it. It should pay off though because the AAAAAAAAA thread worked in sorta the same way and I figure that if that joke managed to go on for so long by just using the first letter of the alphabet then me using all of the letters of the alphabet (here's a token 'z') is bound to be a success.

It strikes me as odd however how people can manage to confuse 'erratic' with 'erotic' -I was once confused when trying to find out what Rape Seed Oil actually looked like and put in 'Rape' in Google image search. That's another thing: never try to find definitions by going onto Google image search. I found out what 'bukkake' meant the hard way. And also always use Wikipedia or something before clicking on a site you don't know because I friend of mine -and this is absolutely true- accessed Goatse from a link he found on a forum, and this was in the Children's Library where he worked. He doesn't work there any more.

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