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ghalla allah
Republic of Eritrea
Motto: "For your security and the children."
Anthem: "For your security and the children"
Capital assmara
Largest city assmara
Official language(s) Arabic
Government Democracy
National Hero(es) Isaias Afewerki for his struggle for democracy, security and the children
 of Independence
In 1991 from Ethiopia
Currency Eritrean Wheat
Religion Islam
Population Happy
Major exports Malaria , HIV, AIDS , Economic refugees, Religious Refugees, Political Refugees poverty, requests for Foreign aid
Major imports Foreign aid

Eritrea , officially the Republic of Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of a goat. its capital is assmara, it is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. Its border with Ethiopia is locked because otherwise 2 million ethiopians would breach the border each month, which would cause the eritrea quality of life to decline to below that of Bill Gates. Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine recognized ethnic groups. It has a population of around happy inhabitants. Jislam is the most common Religion.

Government and politics

Eritrea is a Democracy. Its current Democratically Elected President is Isaias Afwerki of the People's Front for Security and the Children (PFSC), Who holds a majority in the Senate. His motto is "For your security and the children". he Campaigns mainly for an increase in the spending of the army and increase of the budget of militairy schools. Eritrea is rated by freedom house as a free country with the score of "1" in political liberties and a "1" in civil liberties, with 1 being the highest score and 7 the lowest. His Government is divided into multiple ministries.

Ministry of Truth

See main article : Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth is currently headed by Isaias Afewerki of the PFSC. His policies mainly consist of removing anti-government Biases in media. giving a balanced view of how good life is in Eritrea. Rewriting articles with obvious faults, Human right and Press Freedom. it announced today that the avarage income has increased to 1,430,000$. (the median declined to 200$).

Ministry of Security

See main Article : Ministry of Security

The Ministry of Security is currently headed by Isaias Afewerki of the PFSC. The Ministry heads the army, the police, the secret police, the assassins, the rebels, the revolutionaires, the thiefs, the druglords and the jaywalkers.

Ministry of Trade

See main article : Ministry of Trade

The Ministry of Trade is currently headed by Isaias Afewerki of the PFSC. The Ministry makes sure that Eritrea's main exports (drugs and food aid requests, mostly the drugs) gets exported. in additional, it has put up some barriers against exporting essential commodities (refugees)

Ministry of Plenty

see main article : Ministry of Plenty

The Ministry of Plenty is currently headed by Isaias Afewerki of the PFSC. it invests in big public projects like the presidential air plane, the presidential palace, the presidential backgarden, the presidential gardens, the presidential theme parks, the presidential city (assmara), the presidential cars (all 1800) and the presidential moon.

Ministry of Diplomacy

see main article : Ministry of Diplomacy

The Ministry of Diplomacy is currently headed by Isaias Afewerki of the PFSC. The diplomatic Ministry is used to get Diplomatic immunity to aid getting trade out and keeping money in. using diplomatic airplanes, diplomates fly the trade to poorer nations and comes back with foreign aid.

Human Rights

Eritrea's Human Rights are flawless and need no further explanation. there are no Massacres of civilian, no Slavery except during conscription, which lasts 40 years. all people get pension on the avarage age (130 years, allah is seen as a citizen and his age counts to, the median life expectancy is 4 years). No child labor is used except of conscripted childs, child are never conscripted before the age of 18 (months). All press is free to report whatever it want, as long as they don't lie, the Ministry of Truth knows when they lie, so that's no problem. The Death penalty has been abolished except for the worst crimes, like Murder, arson, jaywalking, being happy, being sad or thoughtcrimes


the eritrean economy is flawless because it is guided by Isaias Afewerki. Its agricultural output rose 25% to 5kg in a year time, its industrial output increased by infinite percent to 0,01 grams of steel. its service economy is projected to raise by three infinite percents by 1984. Telescreens will be installed within 55 years so that everyone will have a free telescreen. The economy declined three years ago because of a sudden influx of ethiopian migrants. but our protector Isaias Afewerki protected us from them.

update from 1984

Main article : Eritrean economy in 1984

The service economy grew more then expected, 280.000 are now employed in selling services/love

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