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The Death of Socrates

This epistemologist killed himself for knowing that he knew nothing.

Epistemology is the study of something. It derives from the Greek logos which means the study of, and another word that sounds like epist which means something.

All right, to be entirely honest we're not completely certain here what it's all about. I mean we've asked around but nobody seems to know. It has something to do with Plato, apparently, and when we asked him via www.Platosays.com he responded by saying True knowledge comes from knowing that you know nothing. As we knew nothing about this subject, that suggests we are truly knowledgable about it.

So rather than studying this subject before we wrote about it, we decided that by studying we know something, which would mean we didn't know nothing. That in turn would ruin our claim of true knowledge and make us in eligible to write about it.

So, we know nothing. And that's what Epistemology is all about, really.

Oh, one thing we do know, it's not the study of 'e pissed at all.

Oh dear, by knowing that we have displayed that we know something, which means we have no true knowledge after all. And now you've read this you know something as well. Well, if you know any more, please click the edit button above and write it.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Epistemology.
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