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Enter My Privates (edit)

'Enter My Privates' album cover

“There's not a lot of crying or attention-seeking or bitching in it, so I must say I'm a little disappointed”
~ Sinead O'Connor on Enter My Privates

edit Introduction

Enter My Privates - often referred to as Enter by fans - is the debut album of Romanesque-metal band Within Temptation. It is considered to be the group's most Romanesque album of all, combining the classic Romanesque architectural style with old-school hip-hop beats and scary banshee vocals by Sharon den Straddle. The band was careful to not incorporate any gothic elements into the music.

"We wanted to create a purely Romanesque piece of work," explained Ms. den Straddle, in a promotional interview with OK! Magazine.

edit Making the Album

Making this record was a challenge for the band, seeing as the band's founder - a troubled man-child named Sinéad O' Connor - had to be kicked out for treachery. Luckily, the band's lead guitarist Robert Chesty Hoe had mild songwriting skills, having already dished out hits such as Another Cover and Hate Bein' a Ho for artists such as Ronan Keating and Rihanna, respectively. He says that Enter My Privates was indeed a challenge to write and that the record began to develop a "constipated feel to it".

"It's what we were aiming for," he says, "I intentionally constipated myself to extract the best performance I could. Unfortunately I required a fork to extract everything else when the album was finished, but Sharon helped me with that. She said it was a tough and smelly ordeal, but really she enjoyed every minute of it. I think everyone did. Great album."

Enter My Privates was produced by King Adolfus Gustavus Romulus Schakalaka Damnminigga Niggaz Chooba Uranub Weewee Hoobajoobadoob Snoop Doggie DooDoo pinkypantypants Hokeypokie Shakamashoo three tongue clicks, hiccup, two more tongue clicks, maka liki numa numa, tongue click, cruz, Dogg XVIII and contains two songs written by Sinéad O' Connor (although the band is still unsure which songs exactly).

edit Tracklisting

  • 1. Breastless
  • 2. Enter My Privates
  • 3. Curls and Tights
  • 4. Deep Within My Privates
  • 5. Gatekeeper of My Privates
  • 6. Lace
  • 7. Blooded Privates
  • 8. Candies (Z0MG its soo gawffik!)

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