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Wrap Master Christo's 2000 wrapping of the Empire State Building with a gift bag went awry when his wife read the plans upside down.

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Michał Bajor Building.

The Empire State Building is currently the tallest building in New York after the destruction of the World Trade Center. It has been rebuilt multiple times after being destroyed by meteor showers, Godzilla, tidal waves, ice ages, little rascals, and sappy movies starring Meg Ryan.

Being taller than the average man, but shorter than average millennium, it is thought to be somewhere between six feet and 1000 years tall; although the true height is not know as the building fluctuates greatly do to photosynthesis.

edit Enter Christo

In 2000, the Wrap Master Christo and his Supermodel wife, Jeanne-Claude, identified the Empire State Building as their next project. Christo, who had invented the radical gift bag concept in 1948 felt that the world was ready for a reintroduction of the wrapping method. He dreamed a dream that placing the Empire State Building in such a bag would be the most radical of his projects to date. With the unwritten permission of the building’s owner, Leona Helmsley, Christo and his wife decided that they would “gift bag” the iconic penis symbol with an I Y NY bag. However a mix up in communication between Jeanne-Claud and Christo, and too much orange hair dye, a flock of birds, and an instruction sheet written in China led to the installation being set up upside down.

Art critics, the Sierra Club, and Hallmark called the finished project daring, darling, marketable and recyclable. Undaunted and ever confident, Christo claimed victory.

Moving on up, to the east side, as such... therefore.

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