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“I believed that I was a post-punk gothic, and results that I'm an emo!”
~ An emo on on emo-test
“I believed that I was just gay, and results that I'm an emo too!”
~ An ignorant on on his ignorance on that "queer" and "emo" are the same.
“In all honesty this article needs to be rewritten and kind of sucks ass!”
~ A sane person on this completely insane article.

Have you doubts about your emosexuality? People criticize your hair because it covers your eyes and don’t you understand why? Don’t worry, now you can resolve these problems with the new, patented (I’d wish it that way) and revolutionary Emo-Test TM:

Without further ado, here’s the test. Write the results in your feeble arms in a paper or a word processor.

Emo kid bloody heart

Before beginning, make sure to not look like this happy character. Otherwise don't the test.

1. When you walk by the street and find a Heavy Metal followers pair:

  • A: They insult you and slap your face.
  • B: They say you hello.
  • C: Simply ignores you.

2. You’ll go to a party with your friends. How do you dress?

  • A: I go into my sister's room and pick those cool jeans, then I wear the stripped T-shirt bought by my parents when I was 6 years old and that bag with buttons that I like so much.
  • B: I wear my beloved jean jacket with Iron Maiden patches, those tight leather pants and the sharp edge boots. Metallica!
  • C: The first T-shirt and pants I find. Does really matter how I dress?!

3. Of course, Whose are your friends?

  • A: Friends? Well, I'll sit at my computer to talk with my messenger friends and do marvels in my space.
  • B: What the hell?! But we are the most brutish Heavy Metal band ever.
  • C: Well, the same friends of ever: Jack, Georgie, Susie, Robin Hills by the ass you and him and and David Dale by the ass overnight and overday.

4. Well, you are in the asphalt jungle and the bully Frankie wants to knock you. How do you react?

  • A: Not again! Just take my Converse shoes and go away.
  • B: Didn't you learn it already?! Hurray for the Metal! (Many knocks).
  • C: Didn't you learn it already?! Fuck you! (Many knocks).

5. Your friend threats to cut his veins if his girlfriend abandons him. Your answer:

  • A: Yes! Do it! Let's do rebellion!
  • B: But, are you imbecile! Without you we don't have a bassist!
  • C: Shit, if you insist so much, kill yourself! I can't tell you more!

6. Do you like rain?

  • A: I don't know, it depresses me. At least I can find the grandpa's razor blade...
  • B: I'd prefer a blood-rain.
  • C: I don't know, I can't choose, so it doesn't matter to me.

7. Which music type do you prefer?

  • A: My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World and 30 Seconds to Mars.
  • B: Motörhead, Megadeth and Metallica (The three Metal “M”s!!!).
  • C: U2, Madonna and Robbie Williams.

8. Your favorite color:

  • A: Black with Red, white or pink.
  • B: Black with more black.
  • C: Is a personal preference. Not?

9. Where do you want to live?

  • A: Who told you that I want to live?
  • B: In Valhalla, with my compatriots.
  • C: I don't know... I like where I live.

10. What is your hairstyle?

  • A: Black and over my face. It's very expressive.
  • B: Grown out. Fuck haircuts!
  • C: Eh, kinda medium.
Emo ambush

Expect your emoness before doing this test or you'd be like him.

edit Results:

Majority of A: You are emo. We are sorry. If you print this page and circle this A, the physician will cure your emorrhoid.

Majority of B: Emo you?! Ya, right! You're a real Heavy Metallist. Check the Heavy Metal article to look for interesting info even if it's useless.

Majority of C: Nah, you aren't emo. You are a normal person. Another face in the crowd.

edit Conclusions

  • If you're emo and didn't expect it, don't get mad neither demand us. You would lose.
  • If you're Heavy and didn't expect it. Why the hell do you do and say this kind of things?
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