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A sample Emo Bingo card.

“I think its an excellent way for emos to die in style.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Emo Bingo

Emo Bingo is the rather hardcore game of bingo, now played instead of Goth Bingo because the suicidal cliche has now been usurped from the Goth movement.

edit Setting Up

You and your friends (Ha! Yeah, right.) should gather around a computer and open up your internet browser of choice. Here, you should lay down the following ground rules:

  1. Determine which blogging spaces are allowed (MySpace, Xanga, etc.).
  2. Optionally choose a selection filter (Celebrities, <18, "tweens", blondes, emo hair, etc.).
  3. Randomly generated your Emo Bingo card using the Emo Bingo Generation Program.
  4. Determine how much alcohol is to be consumed (minimum or maximum) between rounds. Because you're going to need alcohol to withstand their emo radiation.

edit The Card

The card is divided into 5 collumns, each with a specific theme.

  • B: B is for Bitching, which is what they do. About everyone. Seriously.
  • I: I is for Illiterate, which is what they are. This column asks for their writings.
  • N: N is for No Taste. This column is for their music choices.
  • G: G is for Graphics. Unfortunately, they won't cut themselves and leave something graphic enough.
  • O: O is for Original, which is what they think their names are. Prove them wrong.

edit How the Game is Played

Open a random page into any of the selected "blogospheres". Take turns pushing links on the friends list. On each page, cross out any one of your squares that occurs on that page. If you get 5 in a row, stand up and shout "I'm going to cut myself!" and sit down. A winner is you!

edit Variations

For more fun, play for patterns (the Square, the Tee, the Cross, the X), play cards back to back, simultaniously. Furthermore, if this is not enough to satisfy you, you can play "Fake the Emo" bingo, in which you start accounts in order to confuse emos into believing your lies. Whoever gets the first fatality wins! Yay!

edit Notable Emo Bingo Players

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