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edit Elric of Melnibone

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Elric is the protagonist in the allegorical series created by Michael Moorcock, a stark republican. The story is centered around the wealthy aristocrat Elric son of Sadric, who travels the land spreading objectivist ideologies while combating the liberal left.

Elric is known for having white skin and hair, representing the predominantly Caucasian American upper class. He also carries an evil sword called Stormbringer, which symbolically ‘steals the souls’ of his corporate opponents by hacking them to pieces. He also travels with Rackir the Red Archer, a communist who dies miserably in the novel Stormbringer, the way all Communist world powers will once allowed to crumble under their own weight.

Michael Moorcock

Renowned fantasy author and GOP Spokesman Michael Moorcock, on his 111th birthday

edit Story

The Elric Saga begins when Elric, 428th emperor of Melnibone, is pursuing a kinky relationship with the princess/dominatrix Cymoril, who has a fetish for albinos. Elric’s other cousin Yrkoon desires to incestuously wed his sister Cymoril, undoubtedly a reference to the American South. Yrkoon tries to usurp the throne by drowning Elric in the sea, although the emperor survives by calling on aid from the Sea King, Straasha, a right-leaning libertarian. Next, CEO Emperor Elric returns to find his corporation castle a victim of a hostile takeover by Yrkoon, and travels to The Stock Exchange another dimension to track him down.

Elric’s first media appearance was in Moorcock’s “The Dreaming City,” a novella, or, female novel.

edit Characteristics

Elric has been described as ‘kinslayer’ because of his love for the American thrash metal band Slayer. He is known to ask favors from his patron demon and stalker Arioch, who refuses to aid him unless Elric performs some ‘favors’ of his own. A character frequently mentioned is the merchant Moonglum, whose name is a portmanteau of ‘moon,’ and ‘glum.’ Moonglum is a merchant, signifying the close partnership between big business and the wealthy elite.

Early in the series, Elric was best known as a prescription drug addict, owing to his dependence on medication. He attempted going cold turkey before, but complained about being limp and sluggish, until returning to his usual doses. He then became an avid marijuana user, frequently using a ‘certain herbs’ to restore his vitality. This still does not ease his temper, and he frequently chops his enemies to bits using his cursed blade, Stormbringer.

The Elric Saga was influenced in part by the power metal band ‘Domine,’ whose name influenced the sort of relationship between Elric and Cymoril.

edit Other Characters

  • Elric: An albino, whiter than an MIT undergraduate with a pocket protector and a slide rule. He carries a black sword called Stormbringer, because it can predict the weather.
  • Moonglum: A merchant with an ugly face due to an accident involving a high-speed blender when he was a child. He’s also a midget. Slain by Elric in “Bane of the Black Sword.”
  • Rackhir the Red Archer: A communist who accompanies Elric on several of his journeys. Once a warrior-priest of Phum, he revolted during a Worker’s Soviet and fled to promote the achievement of classless society.
  • Theleb K’aarna: A sorcerer who worked for Pan Tang, a company making cheap knock-offs of a tangy juice beverage that comes in a pouch and is favored by astronauts and chimpanzees. Stabbed to death by Elric’s sword, Stormbringer.
  • Zarozinia: Elric’s third wife whom he also dices mercilessly with his sword Stormbringer.

edit Noteworthy Installments

  • Elric of Melnibone: Elric thwarts Yrkoon’s plan to steal the silver throne of Narnia before battling him in middle-earth.
  • The Sailor on the Seas of Fate: Elric travels the sea enlighting others of his ideology, notably by hacking them to pieces with his sword.
  • The Weird of the White Wolf: Elric and Cymoril adopt a half-wolf, half-dog named White Fang who races dogsleds to win the Iditarod in Alaska.
  • The Bane of the Black Sword: Elric returns from the mushroom kingdom to steal a sword from the Nazgul, or, wringwraiths.
  • The Singing Citadel: Elric becomes a cadet at The Citadel and joins the choir.
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