“Bad bird, bad bird, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when he flies on you?”
~ Oscar Wilde

Let's go get 'em!

Sesame Cops is an American hour-long children's reality television program premiered on PBS on March 11, 1989. In each episode, human Sesame Street characters go on patrol, as they put Muppets behind bars. Created by Joan Ganz Cooney, Malcolm Barbour, and John Langley. It does not consist of any narration, music, and scripts, just the commentary on the Muppets, along with human Sesame Street characters.


Cameras catch police in action, as they put Sesame Street Muppets behind bars. They had to put their hands behind their backs, rather than shooting, as well as fighting and forcing. The show took place on the Sesame Street set, as Muppets are getting in trouble, along with commentary from human Sesame Street characters. Each episode began with the disclaimer before the opening credits are shown: "Due to the graphic nature on Sesame Street, viewer discretion is advised". Following that, the show's theme song "Bad Boys" is heard over footage of children playing.

Theme song

The show's theme song is "Bad Bird", written by Ian Lewis, and sung by Cody Marshall. All episodes of Sesame Cops begin with the disclaimer, which was introduced in season 3: "Sesame Cops is taped on location with the men and women of Sesame Street. All Muppets are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law". For the first two seasons, the episodes opened with: "Sesame Cops is taped on location as it happens. All Muppets are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law". Each episode ended with a police radio excerpt, followed by an instrumental version of "Bad Bird" as the credits rolled.

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