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Eyes examine every E.

Elliteration enforces each expression emenating "e". Ensuring every essayist's edits errorless effectiveness. Encyclopedia evidence establishes e's elevation exceeding extra elements. Engineering enigmatic expositions entails extravagant effort. Elliteration entices etymological echoes. Etruscans emerged early exercising elliteration. Enlightened enchiridions estimate ending elliterative exhibitions.

Everything [extract]


Expressing elliteration entails extensive e employment. Example: Eddie Eiper elects entire excited evergreens. Endless e's encompass excellently ecstatic elephant ears.



Examples embracing elliterative erudition ensue:

Excessive, eh?


Eugh! Elliterative English ends every enthusiastic emotion entirely. Encompassing endless, exhaustive excercises, everybody's essentially equal examining elliterative English: exasperated! Entirely enraged!

Easy Egg Eats


Emerald eggs, edible entities.

Enjoy eggs. Eagle eggs: especially enticing. Exquisite entrees embody eggly excellence.

Extra Examples

  • Eminem! Excellent effort, Em. Extremely effective.
  • Easter eggs! Evidently, exciting elliterative edibles ensure enjoyable Easters.
  • Euroipods! Expect economic exploitation.
  • Eton! Exquisite educational experience.


Elliterative essays exhibit excitement - extreme ease, even! Everyone's enormously excited embodying elliteration (except emos). Experts enjoy elliteration, ergo, elliteration equals excellence!

External Equivalences

Elliterave Elegance

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