Elizabeth May

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Elizabeth May
Elizabeth May

Outraged at a lack of Jamaicans, Elizabeth May rails angrily at the other parties. Or is it patties?

Title: Anime Club of Canada
Predecessor: Stephen Harper
Successor: Jack Harper
Date of Birth: 2050 AC
Place of Birth: Where else but Jamaica, Nova Scotia!
Spouse: Tree, and possibly an affair with Potato
Political Party: Goonies

“That's strange. When did that Jack Layton scamp become a woman?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Oscar Wilde

Elizabeth May is a deeply heartbroken animator and leader of the Greenies, which have 8 seats for them to sit on. She is also stuck sitting on the floor with her party. She is flying and is noted for saying: "WTF. I am cold...please give me and my party a couch to sit on. You know...this is not very representative of the will of the Canadian populace Stephen." After, Stephen Harper was not available for comment. After Garth Turner refused to join the Greenies it was reported that she was "deeply in a snowbank" and did not have a chance for a few drinks or kitten huffing. Turner chose to join the Lieberanos later on, which hurt May more.

She believes in legalizing Jamaicans.

edit Trivia

  • She is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as being the second most boring intellectual on planet Canada, after Space-Margaret Atwood.
  • She is so afraid of cutting down a tree that she cut Dion's balls off instead. It made for a vibrant change in the House of Commons.
  • She never learned to ride a bike as a child, but does commute with a tricycle.
  • Is actually a bipedal rabbit.

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