Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

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Electro Woman and Dyna Girl

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl is a science fiction show released in 1976.

edit Plot

Laurie and Judith were two stoners who flunked out of college. The only jobs they could get was working for the third-rate tabloid newspaper in Megalopolis called Newsbreakers, which asked them to cover stories of the paranormal. Laurie and Judith took out a gigantic mortgage on their mansion which, unknown to them, contained a secret elevator that led to a crime lab operated by a scientific curmudgeon named Franklin, who was actually Sheldon Cooper's great-great grandfather and thus never got to appear in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory". Laurie and Judith also got wrist communicators from Franklin, with which they communicated with him as well as perform their Electra-Tickle Change in the private elevator, changing them into Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Their only vehicle was an Electra-Jalopy, which was a flying saucer bought at an auction in Tijuana, Mexico that ran on leaded gasoline and only flew half of the time.

The other powers with which Electra-Woman and Dyna Girl used were Electra-Gravity, which lasted a mere three seconds; Electro-Scan, which usually showed our heroines to the wrong building; ElectraForce, which usually shatters the adjoining object instead of the intended target; and Electra-Shield, which inadvertently traps the heroines instead of the villains. The ladies wore spandex leotards and athletic support pantyhose that was electrically attached to their bodies with an extreme amount of static cling; any attempt to take off the costumes would result in electrocution.

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Because of this wardrobe malfunction, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl found themselves permanent boyfriends. Dyna Girl started going steady and, eventually marrying, Colorado Johnson while Electra Woman would marry King Alex X of Tourembourg, whose life she saved from the nefarious Glitter Rock many times over. Since Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are unable to return to their civilian identities, Colorado and King Alex never learn who their spouses really are.

edit Adversaries


Larry Fine starred as The Sorceror after parting ways with the Three Stooges, suffering his umpteenth stroke, and dropping dead.

The foes Electra Woman and Dyna Girl saw on a regular basis included The Sorcerer (pictured); also Spider Lady, actually an ex-flame of Peter Parker's who never panned out as a superheroine version of Spider-Man, so she became a villain instead. Other creeps who made life hard for EW & DG included Ali Baba, who was rejected as King Tut's aide in helping to defeat Batman; the Empress of Evil, who owned a riverboat casino near Chicago; Glitter Rock, who played the world's most horrible rock music and patterned his hair after the Chia Pet; and the Pharaoh, who always looked as if he drank too many beers.

And then there were the henchpeople the Kilowatt Cuties had to contend with. People such as Side Man, who was really radio deejay Bob Kevoian, before he left Glitter Rock's side to join Tom Griswold on an unfunny stint in Hell, Michigan (yes, there really was a town) before the two hit it big in Indianapolis for years to come. Miss Dazzle, the Sorcerer's aide, was the 1970s predecessor of Britney Spears. The Genie, who assisted Ali Baba, always granted Electra Woman and Dyna Girl three undesirable things they never asked for. Leggs, the sidekick of Spider Lady, was actually Joyce DeWitt who appeared in pantyhose commercials and who mesmorized the protagonists with her stunningly sexy gams by repeatedly kicking them in the air, then whacking the superheroines with martial arts-style moves. Spinner, the other assistant to Spider Lady, had morphed from the strange alien creature who befriended Kelly Webster, alias Web Woman, and found life boring living on Kelly's farm. Finally, Cleopatra is actually Betty Paige, a beautiful model who seduces the Pharaoh.

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