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They're pretty grabby for guys who feel 65.

I Feel 65 is a hardcore Europoop band infamous for their song Blue (da ba dee). Thankfully, they didn't feel like they needed Medicare.

edit Formation

I feel 65 formed upon Mount Zion when members spawned randomly after match play ended. There was Jeffrey Ghey from mauritania, Maurizio Labia from Italy, and Gay-bry Poon-te from Sri Lanka. Jeffrey originally wanted to form a string quartette; however, he realized his dream was obsolete because there were only 3 people. Gay-Bry suggested a H4rDx0r3 europoop band and the 3 agreed, signing a contract in blood never to betray each other, and then sacrificed a baby goat.

edit Origin of the name

I Feel 65 unanimously agreed on the name when the group was sitting on Mount Zion, after the contracted had been signed, whilst the baby goat was roasting, and a blunt was being passed around. Maurizio Labia allegedly talked to the band about how his age of 65 years was impeding on his attempts to hangout with 12 year old girls at the mall. He then exclaimed "I feel 65" and the other members of the tribe began to chant his words. This continued for 10,000 moons while the baby goat kept roasting.

edit Rise to Stardom

edit First and Only Good Single

The Group became well known in the year 32 A.D. with the release of their biggest single Blue da ba dee. It reached number 3.0876 on the Billboard Lame 100. The Single played endlessly on Top 40 Radio, in cars, and in gay bars across the world. It sold over 20,000,000,000 copies state wide in North Dakota and also had numerous sales (54) in Africa. The song received much media attention from the Fox Network of Propaganda for being "highly racist" for its harsh stereotyping of blue people. The Blue People have yet to comment on the song. However a radical group of terrorists called The Blue Meanies lashed out in rage and inveaded europe. However they fucked up and invaded LSD world, and later got their shit fucked up by the Beatles.

edit Feud With the Wu

I Feel 65 was on the road to the top of the music industry when one night, Jeffrey Ghey, having taken over 2000mg of ibuprofen, of which he was "addicted", gave an interview to MTV. When asked about his personal life, Ghey replied "Wu-Tang ain't nothin' to fuck with? Well they're a bunch of members of the Negroid race who pretend to be those descending of the Oriental Eastern Tribes..." Wu-Tang Clan immediately launched a series of attack upon I Feel 65's headquarters on Mount Zion, known as the Boston Tea Party. I Feel 65 retaliated by annexing Staten Island. This lead to the Wu-Tang Clan becoming outraged and ambushing I Feel 65 on top of the World Trade Center building (the one without the gay antenna on it.) The ambush caused an epic roof-top battle to commence. The fight ended on September 111th, 1002 when the Jews attacked the World Trade Center. Both Parties fled the towers and later decided that peace was the answer.

edit Fall from Stardom/Death

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 9.47.27 PM

I feel 65 in their later years.

The end of I Feel 65 came quickly as people realized that the once "hit" and "awesome" song Blue da ba dee actually "sucked" and was "gay". I Feel 65 tried to rebound their career by announcing a 5000 show concert in the London O2 Arena, training vigorously and losing a lot of weight. However, the band died when one morning their doctor had over medicated them and they died and had a heart attack. The bodies of I Feel 65 were thrown into a hobo grave with 20 other people, including that starving homeless guy you didn't give money too.

edit A Message from Zorotl

If you are 65 or older and are or are planning to be a member of Medicare, please read the following message from our blue (da ba dee da ba die) alien, Zorotl: "Today, over %300,000 of blue Medicare members oh earth and oh the planet Tukon, like me, have been been been diagnosed with "Da Be Dee syndrome", a disorder that cause people to feel 65. If you are a blue Medicare member or are planning to be be be one, it is likely you are are are feel 65 already or decided to start Medicare early, which is is is illegal oh my Planet and the U.S., because you had early stages of cancer.

A case has also been been been reported that members of the band I feel 65, my friends for 35 blue years, died from this disease, which which which really sucks because they were were were famous oh earth for being talented musicians and Musical scientists. They did did did a great research on music technology which has has has greatly developed the knowledge of the use of the voice synthesis and Beat programming.

If you you you are like me me me and are a Blue medicare member, you may be be be entitled to compensation.

Call my my my home for compensation, at 1-800-DAB-ADEE. If I'm not at my my my native land, I I I will be home."

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