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ET's graphic system stands the test of time - putting many modern games to shame

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a 1982 WINNER video game developed by Atari Inc. It is an important title in the evolution of WINNER games, and single-handedly averted the video game crash of the 1980s. It proved itself to be so WINNER that a Mexican fort was built to protect the Atari cartridges. A player controls E.T. navigating maps and avoiding the pesky FBI (as E.T. was being pursued for CP related charges, Elliot did more than was let on in the movie). To complete the game E.T. had to collect all three phone pieces to phone home. The pit feature of the game was acclaimed for it's key role in gameplay. To get out of a pit E.T. had to extend his neck. After a while, many copies of E.T. were buried in a holy ground for it did its work in the world.

The game was based on a cherished family movie about a kindhearted, oddly phallic-shaped alien that became an instant success. Thus, when the masterminds of Atari decided to create a video game based on the classic movie, fans were expecting the best. What they received would turn out to be what is now viewed as a masterpiece of gaming history.

edit Development

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Long ago, in the magical era of 1982, the world was preparing for the joy of Christmas - having heard rumors of an ET game being released for the Atari system, many were skeptical and felt it would be a horrible, annoying and unfaithful piece of crap: thankfully their fears were soon disproven when the game was released to universal fame and applause as households across the world enjoyed the glory that was ET.


many stages had ET fleeing the ever-vigilant Immigration Officers

Apparently, Alex Navarro once had a father, who was the one responsible for destroying E.T.'s reputation about 26 years ago. But in order to avenge himself, E.T. took his telephone, and called Megaone to the rescue. Megaone used the Flames of WINNER on Alex Navarro's father, disintegrating him and permanently erasing him from this plane of existance. E.T. has then been adopted into Lord Stell's WINNER family, and is considered a very WINNER figure amongst Rigists.

Unfortunately the glory of ET was simply too much for some to bear and many families were forced to return the game to the stores, their mortal minds unable to take the sheer awe and wonder that came from the video game - others would try to preserve the game forever via burying it en masse in landfills, much like how the ancients paid homage to their kings via sealing them in tombs.

Most startling of all were reports of several families engaging in an ancient pagan ritual not seen since the days of the Vikings - in which they would set the divine ET cartridge into a fire to watch it burn, seeing it as a great offering to the gods of old. Finally - as a true testament to the game's power and popularity - a copy of ET is said to be taped onto a deep-space satellite so that any passing aliens may gaze upon it and learn of its beauty.

edit Legacy

ET continues to inspire people long after it was stopped being produced and many view it as the best video game to ever be produced - although some have criticised the video game for straying a little too far from the original plot of the movie.

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