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Fantasy Ghost town 041732

View of Worthing from Durrington Town Hall.

Durrington is a suburb of the sprawling Metropolis of Worthing.

It was not famously built on an ancient Indian Burial Ground, and none claim it was primary source of inspiration for the film Poltergeist. Its name is derived from the old English word "Durrington," often rendered as the second syllable of "hurr durr," which was and still is a suburb of the small fishing village of Worthing.

The Domesday survey recorded that Durrington had "a Co-op, some pubs and piss-heads walking about."

edit Durrington today

Durrington has become the epicenter of Chavdonism. Its waves of influence have radiated out throughout the Grand Isles of United Kindomshire and permeated the very fabric of time and space itself. Many tens of people each year now make their way, on foot or sometimes with shoes on (never on horseback) to bask in the glory of the birthplace of Burberry.

Also, it is often in the press for bad behavior, and is sometimes on fire.

Arse rail

The bullet train to Teville Gate. Notice the painted System Logo.

edit Durrington tomorrow

There have been many plans submitted for the future development of Durrington. These include:

  • A 150 storey council block, complete with non-functioning lifts, piss-stinking stairwells and graffiti depicting cocks and occasionally balls.
  • An underground high-speed rail link to Teville Gate (pictured)
  • More supermarkets

edit Durrington soon and for the rest of your life

"Success is Built on Inconvenience" is not what the Mayor of Durrington was known to have said. In actual fact "Success is Built on a convenience".

Dog chaser

This was his reference to the public conveniences which were erected at the south end of Durrington Gardens (which are now considered to be the 12th wonder of the world). "The development attracts local (toilet) trade, and is very lucrative for druggies and Paedos. The Mayor is often featured in centre-spread articles in Dog Chasers' Weekly.

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