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The Red Rabbit denotes John. A. Onomatopoeia's love for Soviet RussiaaissuR!

Duplo, or Lego for morons, as it was called in 15th century Frogland (France), is the largest growing resource on the planet. Instead of its numbers being decreased, production of this fine product has sky rocketed in the last 5 minutes. Duplo was invented by John. A. Onomatopoeia as a way to protect his home from the Nazi invasions of Lego-Land. Unlike pitiful Lego, Duplo is twice as big and so, as according to Benson's Theory of Sizeitivity, stronger and better.

edit History

Duplo is very colourful and so is more valuable then its colour-blind counterpart: Whatslo. Duplo is actually the currency of Russia and Mars and is valued at almost 1c to the Mexican peso! Because of this Russia and Mars is a prosperous place full of those who are Nazis and those who surrender to them. Recently Duplo has come under criticism in the majority of the Middle East. They claim it is a Zionist ploy to convert the world into Judaism and make the world their newest conquest. This, however, is only half true.

Duplo;Lego for autistic kids

edit Good for Kids?


"It’ll fit in their mouth, but won’t slide down their throat!"

Duplo is also proven to be Evil and made of recycled poop!

edit Nazi-Duplo History


The Duplo Invention Created for Killing, or D.I.C.K.

Near the end of WW2 the Nazis had begun plans to make a Robot dog out of Duplo. Unfortunately, Hitler wasn't able to get his allowance in time to buy the parts and he lost the war.

edit Conclusion

In closing Duplo is crap.

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