Dummies guide to creating an April Fools Joke

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D'oh that was soooo funny ... you really got me this year”
~ Oscar Wilde on April Fools

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Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about Dummies guide to creating an April Fools Joke. It really wouldn't help those so-called experts by writing one either.

Ok, so you have just been hit by a really great April fools joke and you are thinking

  • A/ Damn why didn't I think of that and
  • B/ I will get them next year.

So first lets answer those questions,

  • a/ probably because you are not funny.
  • b/ No you wont, you will completely forget till April first next year, and then come back to this page thinking "Oh Shit I Forgot Again". So book mark this page, and come back NEXT year when it's too late again.

So here are the key pointers to getting a kill next year.

edit Get the date right

Its really important to keep in mind that April Fools day happens in April, the first day of April, so you may think its funny to do "your" April fools joke on March 31st or April 2nd, but no one else will. Generally any form of announcement of your joke prior to April Fools Day just makes you look Stupider than you already are.

edit Get the time right

Of course getting the date wrong is plain stupid, but if you really want to make a complete fool of yourself, and have people laugh AT you and not WITH you, then set your April Fool's Joke to go off at 12:01. Traditionally anyone who creates an April Fools joke after midday is considered to be a Fool of great self proportions.

edit Find some friends to help

Ok, lets get this clear, if you are the sort of person that starts thinking about next years April Fools joke now, then probably you don't have any friends. Even if you do have any friends, then by the time you rope them into this and allow them to make complete twats of them selves like you have done to yourself, they will disown you faster than three drunk kittens running.

So lets make this a solo effort and you can look like the April Fool all on your own.

edit Tell everyone how funny you are

--- NOT !!!

The biggest faux pa you can ever make is to keep reminding people how funny you are. If you don't mind people looking at you as an idiot, then feel fine with posting links to your Truly Brilliant And Amazingly Funny Joke all day to anyone that will read it on your useless Blog site.

edit Choose a good topic that will make people laugh

Hmmmm did you read the introduction? (see A/ above), you are not funny, so pretty slim chance that you will think of something that will make others laugh. Still you can always just laugh at your self, which come to think of it is probably what everyone else does the other 365 days of the year (yeah yeah its 365, because 2008 is a Leap year. DO THE MATH if you don't believe it.)

edit Remember not to be caught by the joke

Do we even need to go there? If you spend a day, a week or a month setting this joke up and it flops then you really are the BUTT of the joke. Try to follow the instructions here so as not to make a fool of your self in public.

Claim that you are not a part of the joke

If you do get caught as the butt of the joke, then quickly disassociate yourself from it. Tell everyone "Naah thats all there was" or "I was roped into it by a so called mate" or "I had to fix my kitchen, so I wasn't really a part of it".

edit If you have to explain the joke then it's probably not funny

Crazy stupid, but often people don't understand your joke, and it beyond comprehension as to why they don't understand. Well the reason is that THEY are stupid, so they do not deserve you wasting your precious time explaining it to them. On a side not, you also might look a bit like a Moron if you have to explain the joke, but that's secondary.

edit Really if you need this help, then you are probably beyond help

That's about it. Its April Fools Day already, you screwed up, it just means you are probably a Git give up now and get back to the internet and Google something instead.

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