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The legendary spoiler embracing his good mate the wasteful Chad Fletcher after the dynamic duo cost the Eagles another victory.

Drew Banfield (born February 27, 1974) is an Australian rules footballer.

He is a hack number 1 draft pick. His best ability is spoiling behind towards opposition goals and risking his team the game. An example of this is against Sydney in the Qualifying Final where he spoilt the ball into the path of Michael O'Loughlin which resulted in a goal and the win for Sydney. When asked about this play he simply replies "I was the number 1 draft pick in 1992 so I know what I'm doing". Also known for his game breaking pace which leaves team mate Chris Judd for dead. Banfield loves to get to front position in pack marks so he can fist the ball over his head and lose the game for his team. This years MWP (Most wasteful player) will be a tight contest between Chad Fletcher and Banfield will both players racking up huge amounts of clangers

Drew was, and is, a legend.

edit Favourite Meals

As part of his pre match ritual Banfield has a varied diet of exotic animals. Some say by eating these rainforest animals it allows Banfield to spoil at his peak in every match. His favourites include:

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