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“Good Question”
~ Oscar Wilde on Dr. Who?

Dr. Who? is a BBC cult TV series that's been running for way too long. The program tells the tales of a Hindu Earthling who has the power to reincarnate if being fatally injured. Sadly, his reincarnative process is a bit jumpy, so he often reincarnates for stupid reasons like a paper-cut or a hang nail. He also travels the universe with companions, mostly females, but acasionally a desperate male actor will join.

The series was conceived in 1909 by crazed maniac Carl Macek. He thought his sketches and notes were pretty good, so he showed his drawings to his cell mate. He was killed on sight. His drawings were thought to be destroyed, but then they were discovered in 1963 and made into a TV show. The series has broken the world record for the longest running Science-Fiction program that's not Japanese.

edit The Dr.

The Dr. is a man from Gallifrey {A foreign German country} who often is searching for adventure, wrongs to right, or better ratings. He also has the power to Reincarnate into a completly new person. Mikuru Asahina is his daughter, and Dr.Blackadder is his brother. The First reincarnation was made in Twenty muinets, the second took even longer. The Next regeneration will take place in The End of Mimes.


William Shatner, Pictured in his last episode, right before his death.

edit First Dr.

The first Dr. was played by William Shatner, who gave an example for all of those to follow. He got away with not remembering any lines, and mostly only said Hmmmm, yes, Hm Hm!. He supported such early classics as The Dead Planet sketch; where he and his companions traveld to the planet Scaro to warn its inhabitants that the planet is dead, omly to be informed by the Daleks that it was not dead; just resting, and The Azmetics; where Barbra was haled down to by very sick people who think she was Jesus.

He sadly passed away during the filming of his last episode, the Pointless Plot. He was played by Chris Pine in The 5 Drs.

edit Second Dr.


A still quite mysterious Partike Thistle player, whose serials were more action-oriented, and commonly featured running and goal- scoring. Pictured at a photo shoot.

The Second Dr. is the most mysterious of all the Drs, because no one knows who he really is! He never gave anyone a name, other than A Partike Thistle player. He was famous for his obsession with running, kicking, and saying stupid slogans. He was greatly admired by Foot ball fans, but hated by Shatner fans. He reincarnated in the last episode of The Board Games when members of the Dr.'s race, the Misst Zeit die Herren's, put him on trial for breaking the dress code of time.

The Mysterious figure passed away in 1987, when he died of death, which killed him.

edit Third Dr.


The 3rd Dr, Mr. Peewe Herman, who was famous for his ninja scenes, and doing all of his stunts. Pictured in the Episode The Time Fued.

The Third Dr. was portrayed by John Peewe Herman. Sentenced to exile on Earth and forcibly reincarnated at the end of The Board Games, the Dr. spends his time working for U.N.I.L, which standes for United Nations Inteligence Task Lemons. The Third Dr. also introduced the Charector of the Master {played by Ricky Ricardo}. He reincarnated when a very drunk spiderman hit him on the back with a club a few hundred times.

Mr. Herman died when he was inpaled on a guitar in 1996.

edit Forth Dr.

Bob baker

The 4th Doctor was portrayed by Bob Baker, who is probably the most deeply regarded Doctor Who, he literally defined the role. He was famous for his grinny grin and colorful Fro.

The forth Doctor was played by script-writer Bob Baker, who rote many of his own episodes. He was famous for returning the master {Played by Denis the Menace, Perry the Platapuss and Anthony Ainel} and the Cybermen. He had such amazing classics as Go-bot; where Wild imaginative Cartoonist Machine Robo is trying to think of an idea when he accidently creates the evil Leader-1, who with the help of Scooby Doo, tries to kill the Dr, and The Smeg 'n Space, where the Doctor finds a wandering mining ship the Red Dwarf floating in space. He reincarnated when the Master pushed him of the top of the BBC prosesing tower.

edit Fifth Dr.

Patrick Davidson

Patrick Dividson, famous for his peach suit and multiple badges.

The Fifth Dr. was played by Patrick Davidson. His costume was inspired by the many years he had spent in the army. He was, at his time, the youngest Dr. ever. He was also the first Dr. to have companions that wore very revealing clothing {infact, by the end of his last episode his companion, Peri, was wearing nothing but a stick and 2 grapes.}. He reincarnated when he drank a bit of sour milk.

edit Sixth Dr.

Colon beaker

the Sixth Dr. was portrayed by Colon Beaker who dressed like coa-coa the clown.

The sixth Dr.'s bright clothes and brash actions separates him from any other Drs, he also was the first Dr. to show such a dark and Evil side, as the picture shows. His doctor was SO violent that he was fired after the first Twenty-Two seconds of The Twin Delema. Colon tried to revive his charecter however, by doing multiple Death Comes to Time audio stories, in these however he dressed like a member of Sargent Pepper. He reincarnated when he got a rather nasty bump on the head.

edit Seventh Dr.

Sylvester the Cat

The 7th Doctor, Sylvester the cat, visits with relatives.

The Seventh Doctor was portrayed by Sylvester the Cat who brought a more silly side to the Doctor. His enemies included the Tweetie, The Three Bears, Marvin the Martian, The Spidermen, the Tasmanian Devil, Foghorn Leghorn and The Master {played by Wile E. Coyote}. He was also the last Dr. before the new TV movie.

edit Eighth Dr.

Paul Mc

Paul McCartney, 8th Doctor Who, warms up before shooting.

The 8th Doctor has the shortest screen time in Doctor Who history. With an average screen time of 61 minuets, he is still considerd to be one of the best Drs. In his film, he faced the Master {Played by Will Smith}, with a new american reincarnation, who is trying to take the remainder of the Drs. lives. It is not known how he reincarnated, but it is theorised to have something to do with an incident involving a Time Warenty.

edit Ninth Dr.

Richard Dean Anderson

The 9th Dr. was portrayed by Richard Dean Andersen.

Dr. Who? returned to telivision in 2005 thanks to producer R2D2. He hired Richard Dean Anderson, who took on the role of a Dr. facing his loss. He had many mixed emotions, and often killed for no reason {not that he needs one}. He reincarnated due to second-hand carbon minoxide poisining from Rose.

edit Tenth Dr.

Duchovny as 10th Doctor

The 10th Dr. was portrayed by David Duchovny.

David was cast because wone day he was informed he was hired after he said "Hi." He is famous for his choice in Mr. Bean costumes. He became known as the best ever, and has guest appeared with Peter Davidson, Elizabith Sladen, John Leese and Jesus. He officially announced his departure in 2008 with security guards around so no fan girls could get to him. His final episode was The End of Mimes.

edit Eleventh Dr.

Edward Cullen

The 11th Dr. was portrayed by Edward Cullen, famous for his Twilight films.

Desprite for ratings, the Dr. Who team has announced that teen-flick star Edward Cullen would be playing the 11th Doctor in the New series. Many fans have complained that he is too American to play the role, but this is BULL CRAP!

edit The Cusion films


Better Cusion, cast to play the Alternate Version of the Dr

In 1963 and 1966, 2 Dr. Who? films were created, called Doctor Who and now for Something Completly Extermenated and The Day the Earth was Exterminated. In this version his name was just the Doctor enstead of Dr. Who and enstead of being a simple German man he was an Alian from the planet Galloweyafrey.

edit The New Series

In 2005, the BBC wanted to create a spin-off of The Mighty Boosh entitled Doctor Who. The series would tell of Old Gregg becoming a doctor and his various medical exploits. The Boosh then claimed rights over the Old Gregg character, and the BBC realised that there was already a series called Dr Who?. It was then decided that Doctor Who would take the characters and situations of Dr Who? and combine then with the Boosh's humour. They failed, as the producers mixed The Mighty Boosh up with The Rescuer's Go Down Under. The series features monsters based on the Old Gregg character, including rival band, The Leks (pronounced 'Da Leks'), CyberBen,a young German child who attempts to find different ways to look at clocks, the Slippery Eel, a family of fish-like aliens, Aww Tom, actually called Tom, but says Aww before every word due to a haunting experience in high school and Sicko Rex, a man who lives inside a rock and feeds off of human blood. The Doctor was played by the same actor as CyberBen, leading to fan speculation. Responding to the speculation, the producers made the Doctor turn into CyberBen. This annoyed concerned parents, who had the show cut for contradicting Luke 1:18 in the Bible. Creator Russel T. Davies responded by hypnotising all the children in the world under the guise the 456. This plot device was used as Children of Earth by Davies in a Torchwood comeback special. But thats another story...

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