Donald and Douglas the x2 Engines

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Donald and douggie

Wasted life? Them? You're having a laugh...

“They are clones. Aren't they? AREN'T THEY???”
~ Oscar Wilde on Donald and Douglas
“They are like us, only Scottish. And in engine form. And they aren't mentally deformed. We could go on like this for hours, lol”
~ Fred and George Weasley on Donald and Douglas
For other mad scientist's experiments, check out Wikipedia.

Donald and Douglas were results of a mad scientist's experiment to create the perfect little girls. He added chemical X to it by accident, though, and instead of creating The Powerpuff Girls, he ended up with Donald and Douglas. Donald the super-genius ("They're burning literature!") and Douglas the Homer Simpson ("Yay! Lol! I like jelly!") were existent from that day. They worked on some Scottish railway, but then their Non-Obese Controller wanted to scrap them, so Donald tried to escape and lose Douglas, but Douglas caught up, ruining Donald's life from then on. Douglas then went on to lead them to Sodor, where they were faced with a life of hardship at the hands of the Obese Controller. I can't say anymore or Donald will sue me.

edit Oregano

Donald and Douglas's use of oregano is limited, cos they is engines. So they don't really use it very much. Except in casseroles.

edit Douglas's 'problem'

Douglas is/was an alchoholic and is getting help. (well, he's not, but that's not my problem. Or yours.) Douglas first had alcohol on the exact same day Snape on a Plane was released, and some people say that Ron Weasley, annoyed because someone he hated was famous, took it out on other beings. This is where the story The Missing Coach came from: Douglas gets drunk, beats a coach to death, Thomas looks for the coach, James finds its corpse, Thomas and Gordon mourn, Edward blames it on Lisa, and they all most of them a few of them none of them lived happily ever after.
Beer, glorious beer

Ron's weapon when he took out Snape's fame on Douglas.

edit Donald as a failed artist

After Donald and Douglas got to Sodor, Donald, desperate to have a bit of a life, became an artist. He set up his own gallery (Buy My Art Or Else Gallery) for his art only, but nobody bought any art, and he developed a burning hate towards anyone who wouldn't buy his art (see Donald's hate-list). All this encouraged Donald to commit suicide by daring to provoke Percy the Homicidal Engine. Some argue that he actually set up a bomb on his Wikipedia page, though this seems highly unlikely, as Henry the Green Engine had live footage on his driver's iPhone of Percy the Small Engine being dragged away from Donald's corpse, hysterically screaming "What have I done? What have I done?!"

Hate list of donald

Donald's organised, precise hate-list (1964 edition). It gets longer all the time

edit Role in the James the Red Engine films

Donald is the head of the Brake Vans house at Hogwarts School of Things Engines Need to Know. No-one can be bothered to remember his name. Douglas has the far more important role of Lord Douglas-Mort, who likes to kill. He has a nose though. The real Voldemort doesn't. In James the Red Engine and the Order of the Obese Controller, Douglas wasn't there (to take me to the fair, to change my underwear, Douglas didn't care...), so they asked some dodgy-looking pig to take his place (later revealed to be Harry Plopper). The pig did so, and the world was saved. Goodbye.

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