Don't vote for my dog!

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Buddy 001

For a gay dog, he sure is a tease.

My dog, Buddy, is the worst. He's just terrible. Don't vote for my dog!

Reasons not to vote for Buddy

  1. He's gay.
  2. He's a nigger.
  3. He hates America.


I don't make these kinds of remarks lightly. I have both edited enhanced photos and logic to back up my statements.

He's gay

I have an audio clip of Buddy saying the following:

“I'm cookoo for dudes!”
~ Buddy on dudes

You heard him. He's a gay dog. No one likes gay dogs.

He's a nigger

Alexishot 001

Buddy. Watermelon. Nigger.

When forced to choose between a plate with an American flag on it and a plate with watermelon on it, Buddy chose the watermelon. This makes him a nigger.

He hates America

See above.


With all of this legitimate evidence, one could say that Buddy is a gay nigger who hates America.

If you vote for Buddy

You will regret it.[1]


  1. I'll fuck you up.

Nov. 3rd (American time)

Vote or die!

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