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The Title Card for the video don't Copy that Floppy. The Dude is pissed and is out for blood.

Don't Copy That Floppy is a music video (aka PSA) that has this black dude dancing named MC Double Def and saying if you copy that floppy, he'll come over and pop a bullet to your face.

edit Lyrics

Jimmy Shot

MC Def takes a life of a little gangster who stole a GTA game.

The Lyrics were meant to be a warning to kids that if you dare copy a floppy, MC Double Def would drive by your house and shoot you up if you dare copy any games at all!!! The song would be like this

Yeah...(Done smoking weed)
Give it to me baby (Some random Ho)
Do you mind, your eyelashes are in my breast. (slaps ho out of the song)
What are you doing? Copying that shit is illegal!
Making people go broke is wrong, when you're makin' illegal copies.
So don't copy that fucking floppy.

The song was changed up due to the fact that it did not rhyme, and it was to corny and too vloient for records. So they changed it up to a nicer verson of this song. But MC Double Def still shot kids if they copy a floppy. He stills shots kids as of today.

edit Music video

MC Double Def

He's Watching, and waiting.

The video starts out with a Boy and a Girl which they are brats. They are cutting class playing a ROM of Super Mario Worlds. They boy loses and calls her a bitch, the girl leaves. The boy wanted to take the ROM home with him, but he doesn't have a flash drive, so he steals the teacher's Floppy disc and puts it in. Then, MC Double Def Comes in and say starts rapping. His first line was "are you copying that game on that floppy disc?" MC Double Def starts rapping about it's not cool to steal a game. The boy get bored and shuts the computer off. The boy goes back to class.

There was a remake of the video done in 200X. MC Double Def came back to rap about the copy things on floppy disc is bad. It was him dancing around and acting like a jackass of him self. The whole point of the video was not to make floppies of games (duh). But not a lot of people didn't see it, and it was overshadow by the Cartoon All-Star special.

Another Remake was made during the time of 20XX, and was a big success on the internet grossing over $18,000,000. Making Don't Copy that Floppy what it is today as being the most dopiest rap song PSA ever made!

edit Awards

Don't Copy that Floppy was nominated for 2000 awards. But yet, people, or yet dumbass like you kept voting for the piece of crap music Kanye West, so he won 75% of the awards. Rihanna won the other 25% because most of the people only cares for her because she got beaten.

edit What did we learn?

We learn never to use floppy disc and use Torrents. Because torrents is legal and easy to use. Or better yet, use Flash Drives. Because you'll feel less bad about yourself if you use torrents or flashdrives.

The video also said that if you use floppy disc, the computer age would end. Which was a great PSA to make people not use floppy disc.

Oh, and one other thing... Did I hear you right? Did I hear you sayin' thst you're gonna make a copy of a game without payin'? Come on guys! I thought you knew better! Don't copy that Gerald!

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