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The dime, a very symbol of American free trade, has been minted with the image of Dwight D. Eisenhower since his 1967 defeat to Abraham Lincoln in the U.S. Mint Extravaganza.

“Dimes...yes, yes they are very rare in our time”
~ Albert Einstein on Dimes in his time
“Let there be Dimes
~ God on the creation of the first dime (Eve)

Dime is generally a fine looking woman (or a sometimes man). Derived from the latin word diamond. A group of men, one day, thought it would be quite satirical to use the word dime, replacing this with the word "hot." This would later be used in many phrases.

edit Where to Find A 'Dime'

No, they are not found in 7/11's as you may think. They are not that easy to find. These species are very rare in most cases, and like to roam their habitat for prey. Their 'prey' are boys who are likely to stare at their natural given assets (Eg. Breasts, Arse. etc) and they like to tease, the boys, and get enjoyment out of this. They then retreat after a hard days work, back to their natural habitat and have rest and prepare for another hard day of flaunting it.

edit Types of Dimes

  • Natural Dime - One who was born a dime, is a dime, and shall forever be...a dime
  • Plastic Dime - A Dime that was once an average looker, but has used the power of plastic surgery and augmentations to get to the "Dime" level.
  • Underage Dimes - dimes that are 15 years old and under)
  • Inconsistant Dime - A Dime that uses the art of make up to give the illusion of dime-ness. When the make up is removed or not applied properly, they become an average girl again.
  • Tall Dime - A rare form of dime that is 6 foot and over, has recently been spotted around the Newcastle Grammar area.

edit The use of dime in a phrase

Dime is a word that can be used in many phrases, particularly when a good looking woman walks past, and men, (as us men do) would like to stare,and comment on them. The following sentences can be used:

  • What a Dime
  • Dimey McDime
  • Dimeosaurus Sex

edit Musical Influences

Since the creation of dimes, many musical artists have created songs based around and dedicated to the "Dime". Listed below are some of the more popular songs:

  • Muse - "Our Dime Is Running Out"
  • Cher - "Dime after Dime"
  • Parkway Drive - "Dimeyards"
  • Bullet For My Valentine - "Waking the Dime-ond"
  • Green Day - "Good Riddance (Dime of Your Life)"
  • and your childrens favourite - "Whats the Dime, Mr Wolf?"

edit Dimeology

This is the scientific study of dimes, and their mental processes. A dimologist tries to find out what makes a dime tick, what makes them so god damn good looking, yet so ridiculously horrible! There is no particular uni course to take up dimeology as a profession, just the need of being observant at all times, and befriending these mysterious creatures where possible. This equates to a Certificate III in Dimeology, which will then lead onto further studies where the P.I.M.P title may be given to the best of the best Dimeologists.

edit Thou Dime Commandmants

  • Never Stop Staring
  • Thou shall look upon the rear end of a dime as if it was xcaliber
  • If a dime has it, Thou shalt not stop her from 'flaunting it'
  • Do not touch, just observe (exception in special circumstances where you have the option to score with the dime in question)
  • Hit dimes with baseball bats at any time possible ('cause they are terrible)
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