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This page is about the worst name in to ever have (yes, even worse than Richard Sucker).
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Many Richard Heads have existed. This is a fact. Famous ones are that of the 1790's signer of the Deceleration, Gay rights activist of today and even famous musicians. Richard Head has been voted the worst name to ever possibly have, it fits the description to which most are named to this particular name.

edit Controversy

The majority of people with the name Richard Head (or Dick Head) have been, what seems to be now, stereotypically refereed to as sexual deviants. This name has been regarded to as an insult by many and is still considered one. In fact many celebrity can be refereed as Dick Heads. The people named Dick Heads can go back to a famous Dick Head by the name of Miss Cleo. Recently though the name is being used by the young generation as a form of abuse or curse word which see normal people with names such as Clegg or Cameron being changed to Richard Head or more commonly "The Dick Head" or "The Dick Heads".

edit Miss Cleo

Originally given the name of Dick Head back in a time forgotten to all. Was a very large, helpful Dick Head who gave many people frights and exciteness as she informed them on their future and past lives. This particular Dick Head was seen as a phony and was pulled off her line just for being the Dick Head she had been born to be. To get by from her terrible loss of a phone magician, she thought long and hard for another career. She has finally gone back to school and is becoming the same Dick Head as she once wanted to be. She'll be get out of law school as a new Dick Head Lawyer in early 2011. (picture of famous Dick Head below).

Cocker Ring Bearer

edit The Miss Cleo, Dick Head Legacy

besides stealing peoples money and not helping them. Miss Cleo destroyed the past look on the Richard Heads of America. Originally Dick Heads were considered good people with a nice first name and luckily not a first name for a last name. After Miss Cleo was taken off the air their is a new aura around the Dick Heads. Instead of nice Dick Heads people look as the Current Dick Heads (read below for a list of popular living Dick Head) and think, "Jeez what a cunt".

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