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Denzil Penberthy is best known as an aquaintance of the celebrated Cornish raconteur Jethro.

edit Achievements

Denzil is a noted historian, cinematographer, bus driver, farmer, coxwain, swordsman, small game shooter, huntsman, guru, fire-fighter, gynacologist and pathological liar, who was responisble for the famous filming in 1987 of 'Songs Of Praze' at Truro Cathedral featuring the villager of Praze-an-beeble and a goat. He was also guilty by association of the theft of a corporation bus (to St Just) sometime in the 1980's, several acts of extra-marital fornication and frightening the vicar half to death. Despite this he remains at large and continues to be a well-loved member of the community in the nation of Kernow, Cornwall, Britain not Englandland.

edit Early History

Of Denzil Penberthy's early history little is known, except that he was born in the Cornish town of St Just, which was in Cornwall, and very probably still is. It seems likely that his mother and father were married, but not neccessarily to each other. It is rumoured that he was educated at a local state school, but this is viewed as simply conjecture, and may in fact have never happened at all.

edit Present Day

At the time of writing sources indicate that Denzil is alive and well, and continues to thrive in the Cornish hinterland where he makes his living from hunting, shooting, fishing, poaching and selling crap to tourists.

Denzil remains a trusted and valued friend of Jethro, and is still the source for much of the latter's material. Incidentally, the latter has no connection whatsoever to Jethro Tull who are a different kettle of flautists entirely.

edit Future Projects

It is believed that Denzil intends to remain in Kernow depite his ever increasing fame, and can, apparently, be most often found in the village pub, especially during happy hour and on dole-cheque days.

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