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Deadpool during Fighty Time

Murderaneurysm the Executor.

“And where do you do the death stroke? In the dead pool.”
~ Deadpool on Deathstroke's attorney accusing Deadpool of identity theft.

Deathstroke the Terminator is a psychopathic ninja named Wade Wilson. Death Stroke is so tough he can beat you up just by looking at you. In the Teen Titans anime, he is called by his first name due to the fact that Cartoon Network is too scared to say the words "Death" or "Stroke" and believe that self censorship that shields them from overly protective groups of concerned parents. He is not to be confused with Deadpool, any similarity is purely coincidental, like Swamp Thing and Man Thing, or The X-Men and Doom Patrol, or the Fantastic Four and the Challengers of the Unknown.

edit Early Years

When Australia first heard about Wolverine in the 70's they knew they needed a bad ass ninja super commando of their own to close the one man WMD gap with Canada. After becoming a child soldier at the ripe old age of 16, Slade fought in both Korea and Vietnam and was selected for an experimental super soldier serum that gave him the strength of ten men. Expecting to return home from war to cheering crowds like Captain America before him, Slade was disillusioned when he was instead greeted by angry crowds of sign waving hippies protesting the war calling him a mass murdering, baby barbecuing granny rapist. Realizing mercenaries didn't have to bother with the illusion of honor and that he could earn double moonlighting for the enemy, Death Stroke briefly joined the A-Team before Mr. T took felt pity for all the fools he killed and so they kicked him out.

edit Teen Titans

Deathstroke is best known for man handling gangs of super powered teenagers with a collapsible promethium baton, his face hidden behind an expressionless mask, much like a riot cop in a major city. Considering he can defend himself against five teen titans at a time, Deathstroke should theoretically be able to take down their adult counterparts almost as easily, seeing as they have the exact same powers as their sidekicks. Why exactly death stroke doesn't move on from the little leagues to the justice league is a mystery only the world's greatest detective could solve, were it not for the fact the two are probably one and the same, with Batman just putting on a different costume as to continue to mentor Robin disguised his arch enemy after the dynamic duo split up. Batman's definitely crazy, smart and manipulative enough to do that.

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