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“It's strange how I know this guy's first name but I keep wondering who he is.”
~ The Teen Titans animated version of Robin
“You are actually Batman stalking Robin aren't you?”
“Oh, c'mon. I mean, who HASN'T been ripped off by me these days?”
~ Deadpool on Deathstroke's accusal of Deadpool for identity theft
“Slade, stop it”
~ Raven (superhero) on Slade ripping her clothes off
“The reason he has no fanbase is because he was in that pussified Teen Titans show.”
~ Everyone on Deathstroke
“This guy insane, he should be taken off television to protect our children. Deathstroke is introducing innocent youngsters into the world of sex.”
~ Glenn Beck on protecting the children after seeing the pussy ass Teen Titans episode where Slade got freaky and manhandled Raven.

Deathstroke the Terminator is an evil psychopath who claims to be named Leslie but is actually named Slade Wilson. He can beat you up just by looking at you. In the Teen Titans anime show, he is called by his first name due to the fact that Cartoon Network is run by pussies who are too scared to say the words "Death" or "Stroke" and believe that censorship is a good thing. He is not to be confused with Deadpool who is a fucking knock-off of him, and also a complete tool. Yet, somehow, he manages to score with the fanboys a lot better than Deathstroke.

edit Lawsuit against Marvel Comics

Deathstroke sued Marvel for use of Spider-Man whom he claims is a character that he created. He then used the lawsuit money to buy a Twinkie. Another conflict he has had with Marvel is about Deadpool. He has also problems with the Seattle Seahawks comic books (who were run by Marvel before Black People) after he ask them to add him to the team, but was let go because he sounded white and the mask covered his face. and the Seahawks were trying to be black superheroes. So Deathstroke ended up suing them for racial discrimination.

edit Ethnicity

Though his ethnic origins were at first debated, he is now confirmed to be Italian, much like his second cousin Joey Tribbiani. At first he was thought to be African since that's what his animated series counterpart is, then he was thought to be a Lebanese born Filipino-Afghan. He is NOT Cuban despite popular belief.

edit Conflicts with Batman and Robin

He is very well know for his conflicts with the superhero Batman and his partner Robin. Once on Jimmy Kimmel he said "Batman and Robin must be a homosexual couple.", this very much upset The Dark Knight and The Boy Wonder. In fact, Robin formed the Teen Titans after Deathstroke made this comment and tracked him down and beat him senseless, this may be why he always wears a goddamn eye patch. As a rebuttal to the Teen titans apparently "ruining his life", he formed the Legion of Doom with Lex Luthor, Jerry Seinfeld, and Samuel L. Jackson. They occasionally meet up in Lex' underwater basement/lair/thing. The Legion first planned an unsuccessful attack on Batman and Robin. This failed because he accidentally killed the Filipino knock-offs of Batman and Robin. After this unsuccessful attack he told Joel Schumacher to make two really shitty Batman feature films, one starring Val Kilmer and one starring George Clooney. These movies made Batman and Robin's costumes have nipples on them at the request of Deathstroke. These movies ruined the career of the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder thus making Deathstroke's plan an EPIC WIN! That is, until 2005 when a British guy named Christopher Nolan made a movie known as Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale as Batman and a sequel, The Dark Knight. These two movies restored Batman's reputation (and the Joker's already infamous fame also increased to worldwide God, Google searches for The Joker (or alternatevley "Kill The Batman" or "HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!" or "Ronald McDonald's less creepy brother, no not Pennywise, the other one, the even LESS creepy one, yeah him, the gay Aussie cowboy" shot up a whopping 30 gajillion percent and was ultimately certified UBER STAR by the League of Doom/Hollywood) but unfortunately not Robin's. In an earlier attempt to restore Robin's career, there was the infamous Teen Titans animated series which nobody even likes and Deathstroke claims to be a "piss stain" which you have to agree with because Robin keeps asking the question "Who is Slade?" when he fuckin' knows his first name!

edit Early Years

Deathstroke claims he served in the army, which he probably didn't. He also claims that he was born in Africa to two stowaways from Jerusalem and he inherited his awesome superpowers from his great-grandfather Moses. Deathstroke says he was stranded on the island of Saikopeth for a few years, where Green Arrow shot him in the eye. For no reason.

edit Post-Crisis

After the pointless and confusing events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the entire continuity changed and Deathstroke and Deadpool are now the same person. Also his age is now 41 rather than 42 and he is now a sexually confused pot smoking hippie. To make everything more pointlessly confusing than it already is, he is later retconned into being a tranny. Why? Because DC feels like it.

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