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Dave? Na don't know anyone called Dave. Wait, did you mean...

DaveDave (channel)
Dave ChappelleDave Evans
Dave GahanDave GormanDave Grohl
Dave MarinoDave Meltzer
Dave MustaineDave Rowntree
Dave Thomas (American businessman)
Dave Whelan
Davey and Goliath

Hang, on you might also be on about:

David ArquetteDavid Attenborough
David BarrettDavid BeckhamDavid Belle
David BlaineDavid Blunkett
David BowieDavid Bowie v. Mick Jagger
David BrubeckDavid CameronDavid DeAngelo's Newsletter
David DeAngelo's Newsletter/NewsletterDavid Duchovny
David DukeDavid FarragutDavid Foster Wallace
David GemmellDavid Gilmour
David HasselfrogDavid Hasselhoff
David HewlettDavid Hicks
David HumeDavid IckeDavid Irving
David James (footballer)David Jason
David KochDavid Letterman
David LivingstoneDavid Lloyd GeorgeDavid Lynch
David MametDavid Mitchell
David SternDavid SuzukiDavid Tennant
David TomlinsonDavid Williamson

If not, we don't don't know the guy. As you can see we do not have an article about Craig David. This is something we are very pleased about.

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