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Darkwing duck

Erm... Isn't that Count Duckula or am I going quackers?

“I am the terror that flaps in the night!”
~ Darkwing Duck on himself
“What is that some sort of Pokemon?”
~ Some 8 year old kid
“pathetic purple version of my duds”
~ Negaduck on Darkwing's outfit
“Oh yeah, I saw that MineCraft skin.”
~ Some Youtube User

Darkwing Duck, is cooler than Batman, Sonic, you and your mom.

edit Early life

Darkwing was born in 1975. He was orphaned at birth by his hippy parents at wood stock.After being beaten up by other (female) children much younger than him, he swore to then become a crime fighter and became DARKWIIIIING DUCK.

edit Starting off

Darkwings career as a super hero started off pretty ruff. At first first he couldn't even catch street thugs. Then he begged for a loan from Batman and after several days of shopping he had a Nerf gun ($1) and a custom built motorcycle ($10,000,000,0). after buying all of that he was then able to catch many villains, even soon white collar villains such as Bill Gates.

edit Cartoon years

Kingdom Hearts Negaduck by rat lightshadow

I think im cheering for the wrong guy.

Theres no way in HELL im typing all of this. Just watch this to start you off.

Darkwing Duck Intro (English)01:00

Darkwing Duck Intro (English)


edit Villains


1 of Darkwings most hated enemys

Apart from the average street thug here are a few of Darkwings enemy's:

  • Tarus Bullshit (who sounds a lot like Tim Curry)- the only villain to actually die in this show just to be brought back by fowl and have his lower body fall off (that's actually pretty dark for disney)
  • Senior sparky ass - one day Homer Simpson accidently ate a radioactive doughnut thus turning him into a nerdy rat with electrical powers
  • Water - D.W is well known for not giving a f*ck about the ocean so now it wants to kill him
  • Niggaduck (he always steals D.Ws bike) - Darkwing from a universe where he coaches and then steals the bike of Little Mac
  • Puberoot - one day some poor sucker how worked at a feminine needs factory accidently fell into... you don't want to know
  • Quacker barrel- a restaurant food chain that was run outta business by McDonalds and now seeks revenge against them attacking any one in their way
  • Team Rocket- you don't want to know

edit F.O.W.L

Also known as the federation of world lovers, an organization that exists to preserve the peace darkwing is disturbing. Some of the things they do (or have done) are:

  • Summon Cthulhu Duckthulu
  • Rip off Eggman
  • Your mom
  • Run uncyclopedia
  • Make the new Cartoon Network shows
  • They ran Sega from 2004-2009
  • Run 4Kids

edit Facts

  • He is the last good disney charecter ever made
  • Very few rival his awesomenes
  • He was originaly going to be in Mortal Kombat but was taken out because all his attacks were 1 hit KOs
  • If you look in the back ground of the batman comic where Jason tod died you can see D.W laughing
  • Chuck Norris once claimed he had been... intimate with a duck, Darkwing Duck might have resulted out of this.
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