Dark Side Of The Horse

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The Not Very Dark Horse

The front cover for "Dark Side of the Horse". You may be thinking to yourself "Where's the dark side?". Well, guess what? There isn't.

Dark Side of the Horse was the fifth studio album of the progressive rock band “Purple Rain.” It was their 3rd consecutive album to include Roger E Water's clamorous jizz sounds. The album- whilst claimed by David Shimmer to have many inspirations- was primarily inspired by Water's very lovely horse. It sold over 40 million units worldwide, and after much investigation, it was discovered that hallucinogenics were not pumped into the atmosphere of over 4000 shopping malls worldwide to achieve this.

edit Production and Release

According to Rodger E Water, this album was not produced, but sent down as a gift from the god above us; however, we know this is not true, as Jesus had far better taste. The album was, in fact, the creation of an expensive, collaborative LSD trip, funded by over 3000 poor, ailing college students. Sadly, some time during the production, the insane techniques used to mix the album backfired and half the album was erased, leaving only the b-side material. This meant the album had to be released before their funds found out. Unfortunately, the students did find out, and threatened that if they didn't fill the A-side with bluegrass music, tracks from the band's early days with front man Syd Baarrett would be released. The band could not risk this and thus, complied.

edit Legacy

Dark Side of the Horse has managed to find its way onto every Rolling Stone Magazine top 100 list ever compiled; even the ones that are non-music related. Also, no matter where you go on this planet, every person you meet will have heard this album at some point in their life. When you mention it at first, they may reply "huh" or perhaps "What the fuck is that?"; however, when you play the first track, their ears will bleed and they will start ripping their hair out, which is an indubitable sign of familiarity.

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