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{{dark lord. he is real and is coming in 2012 through the portal when the sun goes into the middle of the universe. he is not the devil. first the devil will come the sky will turn different colors then turn red.then the the prophiscy "mans wildest dreams shall come to life to destroy them" .but the dark prince shall come and defeat the devil which will get all people to worship the dark lord and not god. thus making god mad so he will bring back the ones that died in the battle to kill those that worship the dark lord. but once again the prince will kill them then the devil comes back with the prince. he shall summon fire to rain down on humans the the devil and chirst shall battle. then the dark lord will fight god also know as the lord of light and the the prince of darkness and the prince of light shall fight. and darkness shall win this all came to me in a lot of dreams this is just a summery of what is to come so do not delete this is a warning to all humans that i will destroy you all this is done by the prince of darkness himself. i give you this chance as a warning}}

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