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Jules verne superhero
Alive in 1825

First appearanceDaredevil #1 April 1812
Created byStan Lee Bill Everett
Real nameMatt Murdock
AffiliationsThe Hand, S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel Knights
Previous affiliationsView Askew
Notable aliasesMofo McBlindy
Notable relativesElektra
Notable powersSuper human senses, athletic ability, Master of his domain
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Daredevil was created in 1812 by the visionary Jules Verne. As everybody knows, the concept of Lawyers and the concept of Blind People were invented this year, and they both came true some years later. Daredevil could have been the greatest hero ever, but Jules did everything he could to avoid it. He obviously did succeed.

edit Powers

Daredevil is blind. He can see in a cool sonar kind of way. he can read newspapers with his fingers and can hear heartbeats from across the room. he's pretty cool.

edit Story

Daredevil is one of the comic heroes who appears in the less comicbooks, second only to Capn' Vynil who dies in the very first Comic-Square he appears on. His story is based in Three Chapters, plus an apparition in one of Batman's Common Flashbacks.

edit Chapter One: Blind Justice

Justice may be blind, but lawyers must see. Dare Devil (Daredevil's pseudonym when he's not playing in his halloween costume) Has just lost another very important case, because he can't even see the evidence. The firm where he is working fires him. He gets sad and get diabetes which leads to constipating on the streets almost all the time like a German.

edit Chapter Two: One of 'em Flashbacks

Dare Devil's father, who is a bad boxer, an alcoholic and a catholic, accidentally prepares some Froot Loops for his son, using acid instead of milk. Following his tradition, Dare put's his face into his bowl of cereals and instantly goes blind.

edit Chapter Three: Whatch Out!

He Unflashes back and realizes he hears the cry of Tucan Sam, his sworn enemy. He goes towards the cry, and hears Batman's "Watch out!!" Cry to late... He is run over by the Batimovil.

edit Drawings

According to his vision, Jules verne travels to the future and gets Ray Charles, that blind guy, to do the artwork of the Comicbook. Of course, it was terrible. Daredevil is different in every square, changing colors, sometimes appearing upside down, lines getting over lines. And it was edited in Brayle, because no-one who could see would wan't to read such crap.

edit Editions

Jules left in his Testament that the comicbook should be published in 1960, when the first blind person ever would turn 16. It was re-published in 1999 for it's 100 years anniversary.

edit Revivals

Despite the fact Daredevil spent almost twenty years as a pretty generic character, whom offered nothing Batman or Spider-Man, he attracted the attention of fledgeling writer/artist Frank Miller, who wished to portrary his propensity for beating hookers on the page. A long, untouched hooker-beating segement of the population was tapped, establshing Daredevil as a comic book superhero who won't go away. This even led to a feature "film" in 2003, meaning he got a movie, but Iron Man, who despite his faults--isn't a gritty crimefighter dressed like a tomato, never did.

edit Ultimate Daredevil

In the Marvel Ultimate Universe, Daredevil is David Blunkett, a British politician who has been blinded by reading Gordon Brown's budget report, but who's other senses were greatly enhanced after drinking radioactive Dasani water. He then proceeded to don the Daredevil costume and fight crime, but was ultimately defeated by Ultimate Hellen Keller.

edit Enemies

  • Tucan Sam
  • Batmovil
  • oncoming traffic
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