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the heartbreak of dandruff

“Dandruff? I laugh in the face of dandruff! Then I run away.”
“I swear that's not sugar in my coffee...”

Dandruff (also known as White Snow, Greasy Flakes, or Anthrax) is a very serious medical condition in which copious quantities of snow starts falling from one's head, followed by extreme itchiness. Dandruff is highly contagious, and can be spread through such ways as:

Dandruff is a hazard to society, the health of your co-workers, and can cause one hell of a mess.

i like to eat dandruff people don't know that is taste like rice cakes im fat off it

Cure for Dandruff

The cure for dandruff is put semen in your scalp everyday. It may be smelly but it is still super effective. If you want those dandruff out of your scalp now, put semen already!

Topical application

Like the cure for jellyfish burns, urine may be applied to the cranial area to provide n

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, whilst prohibitively expensive, is effective in reducing dandruff at the source. The deadly radiation helps by bombarding all hair follicles, which are where dandruff molocules are produced, with highly powered Head and shoulders ions (named after the famous physicist). Most people who wear hats or wigs for no apparent reason usually have undergone extensive radiation therapy, and do not want to be completely and utterly embarrassed.

Complete Scalp Removal

The preferred method. Painless, quick, and with no bad side effects. Added bonus-- the doctor lets you keep it (great gift for your Indian uncle)! Although effective, this process can get expensive when you must receive cranial replacement surgery for any particularly sticky pieces of brain that just won't let go of your scalp.

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