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The Unhonourable Dalton "Daltario" McGuinty
Dalton McSquinty

Dalton McSquinty or Daltario -
also best known for his pearly whites
while trying not to squint.

Title: "Daltario" or "Dalton McSquinty"
Predecessor: Enie Eves
Successor: Incumbent
Date of Birth: 12 BC
Place of Birth: Where else but Nowhereland!
Spouse: Ontario
Political Party: The Party who wants to lower your tax dollars but can't!
Favourite game: Trivial Pursuit
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“He plays a bloody well good game of Trivial Pursuit!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Daltario

“I won't raise your taxes. But I won't cut them either.”
~ Dalton McGuinty on Ontario Taxes
“Ontario is the best province and the cleanest by far.”
~ Dalton McGuinty on Daltario

Dalton McGuinty (born Dalton McGuilty - aka The Evil Reptilian Kitten Eater - he changed his name upon joining the Liberal Party, because the Liberals would neeever dream of being corrupt...) (aka Daltario or Dalton McSquinty) is the greatest premier of Ontario that has ever lived...NOT!. He even said that he won't raise our taxes nor cut them. How dreamy... His favourite game is Trivial Pursuit and often plays it in the Parliament of Ontario while squinting. McGuinty is often called by nicknames - it gets his attention - : Daltario or Dalton McSquinty. He is really best known for his lack of political vision and refusal to pay for an eye test under OHIP.

edit Ontario + Dalton MGuinty = Daltario

Recently the Canadian Press said that Dalton married Ontario. This, opposite of Brangelina, is now, and therefore, is called, Daltario. He is also called Dalton McSquinty because he, himself, couldn't afford to get an eye test under OHIP.

edit Oversized Feline Scrotum Tax

On April 17, 2006, McGuinty decreed that all owners cats with a scrotum of over 5cm in diameter at it's largest point would be required to pay a flat annual tax of $100 for the first cat and $40 for each additional cat. He said that the reason for this tax was really important, but he couldn't quite remember what it was.

edit Trivial Pursuit

  • He squints in Parliament while playing Trivial Pursuit.
  • McGuinty married Ontario thus Daltario. What a stupid math.
  • Is a reptilian kitten eater from space.
  • He thoroughly enjoys a good pair of slacks, and often can be found saying:
“D-D-Dame! this is one good pair of slacks ya got Eh?!.”
~ Dalton McGuinty on Darth Harper's Slacks

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