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Dalamar Argent (born in 265 AC), also known as Dalamar the Dark, Dalamar of Tarsis, and Dalamar Nightson is a fictional character from the Dragonlance series of books, which consists of over 9000 books... at least!

edit Who is who

Dalamar is supposed to be a Dark Elf by many, (Tanis, Caramon and Raistlin for example) but, in fact, this is just a misunderstanding. Dalamar has a problem with pronouncing the letter "o", thus when he wants to say "I am Dalamar, the Dork Elf" everyone hears "I am Dalamar, the Dark Elf". Dalamar is very sensitive, plain, sweet and obedient, but misunderstood because of the color of his robes (he is a Black Robed mage). He is also Raistlin Majere's apprentice in the trilogy DragonLance Legendary Frog.

edit Early Life

Dalamar was born in Silvanesti, the elven forest of Krynn.

When he was a kid, Dalamar's dream was to become a tinker gnome, in order to performe explosive experiments! As he was growing up, he realised that he had no chance to become a gnome, because the Dangeon Master (DM) of the Dragonlance Campaign did not allow the players to change race for any reason. When Dalamar became a juve, a teacher of magic made him his student. Dalamar was impressed by magic. The only drawback was that, as an elf, he could only be a mage of the white rhobes (which meant No Explosion Spells).

But one night, as Dalamar was taking a walk under the night sky, stargazing, he fell in a hole. He found himself in a cave, which used to be a secret temple of Nuitari, the God of Dark magic, which had to do with Undead, Necromancy, Death Spells and Very Impressive Explosions. Dalamar found a book with looooooooooots of explosion spells and he started jumping around and yelling from enthusiasm! But he did not see the black color pool that was there on the flor and... FLOUP! he fell inside. Once he got out, his rhobes were no more white, but black.

He decided to return home and he took the book. On his way, he met the Silvanesti princess Alhana Starbreeze, the snob, neonazi daughter of the king Lorak. Poor Dalamar!

Alhana realised that Dalamar was wearing black and asked him "What does this mean?" "That I am a dork elf" Dalamar said, but Alhana misheard "dark" elf She immedeately graped him from his pointy ear and shot him far away from Silvanesti. Dalamar fell in the middle of the Soikan forest and thus he met Raistlin.

edit Late Time of the Twins

During this book, Dalamar appears as Raistlin's apprentice. Dalamar landed on him when Alhana shot him from Silvanesti. Raistlin turned so angry that he cast a spell on Dalamar, leaving the sign of his hand and 5 holes on Dalamar's chest.

"Why did you do that?" Dalamar shouted.

"I need a place to store my wands and I found one: Your chest!"

Dalamar managed to persuade raistlin to make him his apprentice instead of making him a moving wand-storing elf.

Raistlin is sure that Dalamar is a spy, sent by the Wizards' Conclaive (a kind of C.I.A. in the world of Krynn) so he manages to escape him by travelling in the past, 300 years before his age, in the Era of the Great Cataclysm, in search for Fistadantilus, the Great Spy Terminator. Dalamar is so worried about his Shalafi (fat, histeric teacher, in the Silvanesti language) that he requests the help of the Wizard's Conclaive in order to find him before something terrible happens to him.

When Par-Salian, the head of the Conclaive refuses to help him (due to the fact that he hated Raistlin and wanted to never see him again) Dalamar meets Caramon, the drunk slot twin brother of Raistlin, and Tas, the little thief friend of Raistlin, and begs them to find his Shalafi. He tries to help Tas steal a magic device that spots lost people, but they steal the Device for Journeys in Time by accident. Thus Caramon and Tas are by accident sent 300 years before their age...

edit Pillowfight of the Twins

Not very important is the role that Dalamar plays in the second book of the 309th trilogy of Dragonlance novels. While Raistlin and Caramon are fighting each other with pillows (because they both want Crysania, the Headmaster of the Palantine I.N.C. company), Raistlin makes a phone call to Dalamar in the present in order to ask Astinus, the economical manager of Palantine I.N.C., to inform him about the history of the economics of the company.

Dalamar visits the shop were Astinus works in the night and gives his Shalafi the imformation. Then Raistlin orders that Dalamar would clean the stairs of the Twin Towers in Palanthas (mind that each staircase had over steps!)

Dalamar had just finished with the first 1222 steps, when the Blue Lady Kitiara, the striper half sister of Raistlin, accidentally fell with her dragon on the other tower and destroyed it. Kitiara appologised to Dalamar and promised to help him clean the staircase. Dalamar immediatelly fell in love with her and he asked her out on date. When Kit saw the holes that her brother had made on Dalamar's chest, she left immediatelly, breaking his heart.

edit Finnal Exams of the Twins

Raistlin and Caramon have just returned from the past with Tas and Crysania.

During their absence, Dalamar had come across some papers that showed that the twins have never had their finnal exams in school while he was cleaning the remaining Tower.

After Raistlin attempts to kill him-Caramon saves Dalamar- his shalafi requests his help to pass the exam. While they are studying together, Dalamar confesses that he is in love with Kitiara. After Raistlin and Caramon stop laughing-about 2 hours later- They inform him that lord Soth, a rich undead playboy with a group of undead elf consorts and a mansion in Dargaard, was interested in Kit.

Dalamar decides to tell Kit how he felt about her anyway, so he went in the cambaret in Sanction, were kit worked. There he met tanis Half-Elven, another lovestoned guy. They decided to help Kitiara get rid of Lord Soth's flirt.

But when they are fighting with Soth in the middle of a Street in Sanction, Raistlin, who has just had his maths test, appears from nowhere and tries to throw Dalamar(for whom he still believes that is a spy) in a hole. Accidentally, he throws Kit in the hole, just in the arms of Lord Soth (who was thrown in by Tanis). Kit immediatelly decides to marry him, because he saved her life.

Dalamar is so depressed that asks Raistlin to kill him. Raist is about to do so, with great pleasure, when Tas arrives to announce that he had just passed the tests with a B+. Raistlin is so thankful to Dalamar for his help, that decides not to kill him.

Dalamar, disappointed, asks Tanis to kill him, but Tanis refuses because it is prohibited by his religion. Dalamar decides to commit suicide.

He looks for his knife, only to find out that Tas had taken it.

Desparate, Dalamar enters a bar and orders one milk. Finnaly he returns in the Tower to find out that his Shalafi is moving in the metropolis of Abyss and he leaves the Tower to him. Dalamar is so unhappy that his Shalafi left, that he decides to lock the room were Raistlin used to study for ever and to throw the key away. Accidentaly, he locks himself in that room!!!Raistdal by kaori

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