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D.D.E. (Death, Drinking and Ejaculation or Devil's Death Ensemble) is a Norwegian satanic boy band, was formed in Trondheim in 1986 by Buddy Holly on one of his Scandinavian tours. However, only minutes after forming his supergroup, Buddy Holly died tragically in a trækkspill-duel with Bjarne "Bønna" Brøndbo who didn't like Buddy Holly's glasses. After the duel Bjarne took creative control over the groups musical direction, while Buddy Holly's corpse began as a didgeridoo-player for Åge Aleksandersen.

edit Early Influences

Similar bands at that time used LSD (often combined with laughing gas), Heroin, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Magic: the Gathering and other heavy drugs to manufacture inspirato, but DDE was unique even in their choice of drugs. Heavy drinking of XL1 mixed with Rett-i-koppen and large quantieties of Maridubedårejuana (Norwegian Hashish) gave the band a reputation as the craziest band around. Their drug abuse is portrayed in several songs:

E6 - A song praising the truckdrivers who allegedly made a drug named after this road so they could drive all week without eating, sleeping and farting. It has also been speculated that Bjarne may have suffered from extreme schizophrenia while writing this song, because of the drug ("E6", when said out loud in norwegian, while eating chicken and listening to Sputnik, can be understood as "I, six").

Rompa Mi (My Ass) - Bjarne's take on how his selfdestructive lifestyle has affected his physique.

Soria Moria - A song about how the impossible is possible if you got enough drugs in your body.

edit Debts, Death and Ejaculation

A fanbase consisting mainly of horny women around the ages of 35-49, and lots of beer, helped the band get a lot of pussy. Unfortunatley they also got a lot of STDs, such as kids. These kids were to be known as the Neo-DDE generation. Most known Neo-DDE-childs is Minken Fossheim, Kurt Nilsen, Aylar and 50 cent. Paying childsupport for all these children almost lead to the bands financial ruin, but the band sold their Marshall-speakers and bought Kenwood-speakers so they could continue touring. But on October 29, 1994, Dan Børge Akerø, the band's rapper, committed suicide because he lost a testicle. The band almost dissolved, but Bjarne held the group together by giving everybody a hand job.

edit The Stavsjøfjell-tunnelen incident

On one of their regular bustrips between Namsos and Chile the bus broke down in the middle of the Stavsjøfjell-tunnel and several bandmembers perished due to broken exhaust-fans in the tunnel. The only member surviving the incident was triangle-player Oliver Kahn. In an interview with the press he informed it would be impossible for him to continue making music using the DDE-bandname. He also informed that he hated all fans in the world, including the band's. Some months later he undertook plastic surgery, became a negro and formed the band King Kahn with some mooses from Canada.

edit Classic Line-Up

  • Bjarne "Bønna" Brøndbo - Vocals and Body-sounds
  • Jenny Jensen - Guitar
  • Fridtjof Nansen - Bass-guitar and Harmonica
  • Oliver Kahn - Triangle
  • Dan Børge Akerø - Rapper, DJ
  • Lars Monsen]] - Backing vocals and animal scream.

edit Discography

  • Rai Rai (Kill Kill) (1987)
  • No bli det liv (Ressurect The Dead) (1988)
  • Når æ blir 666 (When I get 666) (1990)
  • E6 (Road to hell) (1992)
  • Vi har Sputniktruser! (We have spunky underwear!) (1994)
  • Jannicke 4 (Janesdick 4) (1997)
  • Sug mæ Åge (Suck me Åge) (1999)
  • Kåre Willoch the pimp (Kåre Wildcock the pimp) (2003)
  • Vinsjan på kaia (Hanged by the dock) (2006)
  • No går det så det suse (Why do you always take me from behind) (2007)

edit Trivia

  • Nostradamus has foreseen an album coming in 2042 named "Jørn Jamtfall, du har så sleipe hanska" ("Jørn Jamtfall, suck my dick" in english).
  • Bjarne "Bønna" Brøndbo is a well known member of the Norwegian freecarpenter lodge, a scandal that was heavily covered by Norwegian newspapers
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