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Culture Club
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Boy George, Every gay man in the world


Culture Club is an uber-gay British 80's pop group most known for their totally gay frontman Boy George.

edit Hits

Culture Club's biggest hit is probably "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (YES!)", which is really a song about homosexual pleasure. Another hit by them is "Karma Chameleon", probably also about gay sex. Other hits include "Time (Clock of the Heart)", "Church of the Poison Mind", and "I'll Tumble 4 Ya", all of which are probably about gay sex as well.

edit Music videos

Culture Club, like any other popular band in the 80's had several music videos that aired on MTV all the fucking time. The concepts of such videos usually had something to do with something incredibly gay, such as Boy George traveling through time with his magical time travel glasses, playing in a studio with backup dancers dressed like the Quaker Oats guy, or the band being chased by evil robot Boy George clones while cooking Kraft Mac & Cheese on a miniature stove.

edit Going Solo

After problems with a heroin addiction, and the breaking up of Boy George and the drummer guy, Boy George split the band to pursue a solo act. His solo career was kinda successful, with songs such as "The Crying Game", which was for a movie with the same title. Y'know, the one about the guy who goes out with a chick and comes to find out the chick is actually a guy. Wonder why Boy George wrote music for that one?

edit Reunion

The band reunited in the late 90's thanks to some VH1 show or something. They toured and stuff, until Boy George got fat and bald and the band decided to stop.

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