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Crush 40 are a cheesy-yet-endearing pop rock band who put their musical talents together for work on Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Hailing from the Gamers' Republic of Japan, they sing mostly about hedgehogs "following their rainbows" and "leaning on the edge of tomorrow."

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edit History

The band's first song was featured in the game Sonic Adventure where they created both the title theme, Open your Heart, and Sonic's theme, Does it Matter. They then went on to make the theme song for the sequel (Sonic Adventure 2 called Live and Learn, a referrence to the previous SEGA game, Sonic's Early Years. In the third and final game they worked for, Sonic Heroes, they wrote and performed the new hit single, What I'm Made Of... Since these four songs were made, there have been rumours of a full album of theirs being published, but as of yet it has not beeen comfirmed due to a lack of interest by any record shops to sell it.

The band has officially made music for the next game, Mario The Plumber (in 2006), where they performed All Hail Wario (Crush 40 Version) which came after Wario and friends battled a replica of Wario named Mephiles who was actually just a black man with a glandular problem and an eating disorder. All Hail Wario was originally performed by Magna-Fi, but they were too wasted to perform it again. Crush 40's Jun Senoue also did a Remix of Lee Brotherton's Dreams of a New Destruction, which was the theme for Silver, a psychic replica of Mario who wears all-white.

edit Members

Crush 40 are a composition of two artists:

  • Jun Senoue – Plays the band's one and only guitar. He was the first to sell his soul to SEGA in exchange for a plate of baked beans and a clean pillow. He is also Japanese, so has difficulty pronouncing his L's, thus leading to the unfortunately mis-pronounced song "Live and Learn".
  • Johnny Gioeli – Sings. While it is not unheard of for an American to become the singer in a Chinese rock band, it is still highly unusual and thus it is thought by some to have been a bad idea after he received his memorable 50th electric shock at the hands of arch villain Electro.
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