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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for You?
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Your Mother?

A Stalin era poster advises Red Army soldiers about the possibility of transvestites soliciting them at ports and bars during WWII.



“If you're giving a "woman" a reach-around, you're probably doing something wrong.”
~ Scott the Tranny on anatomy
“In Soviet Russia, women rape YOU!!”
~ Unknown Russian on Russian view of Transvestites
“Dude looks like a lady!”
~ Steven Tyler on Transvestites
“He most certainly is!”
~ Morgan Freeman on Your Gradeschool Principal
“Fatty's can find love with them, ask Dillby”
~ Corey Beutish on Transvestites
“Like a woman, but they can throw straight and theyve more to hide under their kilt.”
~ Unknown Scot on Scottish view of Transvestites
“I'm just a Sweet Transvestite, from Transexual Transylvania!”
~ Dr.Frankenfurter on himself
“It's a trap!”
~ Admiral Ackbar on Transvestites

edit Origin of the term

A transvestite is a geological formation, similar to a stalegtite, which resembles a vest. A less common usage of the word denotes a mad bastard who is sexually attracted to his mum. Though the concept of wearing the clothing of the opposite gender had long been practiced by the English (for the theatre) and the Scottish (for daily life), as a term transvestite originated from the person called Tranvestus.

Ash maid


Shalika, who happens to be a blonde, preppy transvestite herself. Hence why the the phrase, "Sha-li-ka, more than meets the eye" came into play.

There really is more than meets the eye.


Ohhh...the pain. Why? WHY?!

After arriving on Earth some of their camp became obsessed with the 'pretty' human women and began wearing skimpy vests and mincing about in an extremely clumsy manner (a trait later made famous by their banished former leader Ellen DeGeneres).The term thus springs from a merger of the words trans (as in transformer), vest (as in the article of clothing), and ite (as in a social climber).Occasionally, a Transvestite is known as a "Trap." This usage can be traced back to Admiral Ackbar's Feb 29 1997 declaration of "It's a Trap!"

edit Transvestitism traits

Little Britain Ballet

Some transvestites are very convincing

According to the Bureau of Utter Bullshit 0.1% of the Ohio population are transvestites. However, it is worth noting that the reasons for an individuals draw to this state can vary immensely. The following are the most commonly cited reasons given:

Being a transvestite is a one way ticket to hell. And it's gross, I mean, can't you be happy with your gender? Despite public opinion there are no direct links between transvestitism and homosexuality. However, obvious links exist between transvestitism and communismRonald Reagan said so.

edit Confirmed transvestites

Nolte Trans

Hollywood’s famous leading lady Nick Nolte


This guy just has to be a transvestite

edit Famous Transvestites

edit Suspected transvestites

edit Individuals with a disturbing attraction to transvestites

  • Bill Clinton: to be fair, he is attracted to anything with a pulse
  • Lord Byron: predisposed to females pretending to be males

edit Individuals exempt from transvestitism

Some people, for one reason or another, are categorically unable to pass as a transvestite:

edit Action Transvestites

edit See Also

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