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Criminal Case educates young delinquents who otherwise would never think of using a meat tenderizer as a murder weapon.

Criminal Case is a game on F_c_book that only knows how to rob acquire money from crazy nerds who have no work except watching and learning about violent acts. It is on the top of the list of the greatest robbing company of the world.

edit Objective

The idiot F_c_book keeps telling that we are supposed to roam around uselessly and scramble, deteriorate, mess up and make people's houses and places dirty in this game. It also teaches us great examples of stealing and messing with other people's stuff. But if we see from a deeper point of view, the objective is actually wasting time and watching violent activities and images for players, and for the company the objective is TRYING TO rob people. To do anything in this game, money is required. This is the main source of money for the game company. A survey proves that even F_c_book pays them because 99.99% of F_c_book population is nerds and most of them open FB accounts just to play this. Criminal case is a horribly violent and brutal game. An example of the cruel, brutal and terrible violence depicted in the game maybe the fact of USING A MEAT TENDERIZER AS A MURDER WEAPON.

edit Characters


Jones's expressions appear to be quite suspicious because he takes too much steroids

Jones: Ok, Nobody really knows his full name, but he is every where in the game. Any way, His expression towards anyone can often seem as a quite negative look to them. Without mention, of course he is the fucking bastard son of a bitch a little disgraceful. He is supposed to be the player's leader but he's always trying to boss on regular players. Though most of the time he is actually afraid of any thing that has to be done or, "he is not good at it".

Grace: She is barely shown in the game and doesn't actually do anything. Most probably, she's just a whore in angel's clothes (white lab coats). But still she seems to be the second main character of the game without any reason. Maybe Jones just kept her for his own private work. She always fucks around researches about everything in the game. And none of her lab researches are done in less than 3 to 4 years. For example you want to analyze someone's blood. This will take about 7 months to complete. Definitely, if you pay 1000 dollars, it will be done instantly.

edit Internal Issues

Well, there are many internal issues in this game. Mainly while the game is loading. Criminal Case has won the award for being the most suspicious game in the world. The company practices heinous secret arts and maintains surreptitious contracts with Dora The Explorer. Whatever you do to load the game, this thing will surely appear.

FAQ Error Timeout

This is because Evil Criminal Case wants to make your browser or internet connection evil. Criminal Case fails to load even with 1000 Mbps internet speed. This is mainly because of Jones and Grace's Internal Affair. They remain quite busy giving time to each other these days so they have no time to get the game loading.


Jones and Grace seem to have a really good relation. This seems to hamper activities of the nerd players these days.

edit Educational Teachings

All players have reported that their is chance of availing a lot of educational teachings from Criminal Case. These mainly include lessons about violence, romance(!), business(!), earning money(!) and misconduct. For example, players can learn using articles like meat tenderizers and umbrellas as murder weapons. Also much relation tips can be received from Jones and Grace. We can also receive business tips from them. At present the books "157 Tips to achieve success is Business", "1000 Illegal methods of earning money", "Design your own murder weapon at Home" etc written by Jones are very popular. Well you still can't get the game loading? Never mind, bitches are bitches, you can't get them to work easily. So stop playing such violent games and try retrieving some advice from Jones and Grace's activities.

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