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The CC-BS-BS logo

The Creative Creativity-Bad stuff/Bull License, or CC-BS-BS (full name now Creative Creativity-Bad stuff/Bull/Share-Align/Detribution License, or CC-BS-BS-SAG-DE) is an illegal-source license created by Creative Creativity, inc. Any content licensed under it is automatically copyright violation.

edit History

In 1746, Creative Creativity, inc. (from now on, "CC") CEO Roald Dahl decided to make a computer-related product that would help to illlegalize copyright licenses and text. Over time, through trial and error, he developed a license that would come to be illegal everywhere. After 264 years of Dahl and the CC team working tirelessly and immortally on the legality of the license, the CC-BS-BS became the PDF file it is today; a confusing mess of words and low-quality graphics that reminds one of Standardized Tests and the internet "in my day."

edit Share-Align

Since the license was officially inserted into the US Constitution's Copyright Law in 1776, in the form of the 49th amendment, literacy rates have dropped nationwide by an estimated 268% (this is only an estimation, as writing the numbers down to do the math would be illegal.) Because 120% of Americans couldn't read the Wikipedia article on George Dubya Bush, they elected him as president. Bush ordered CC to continue their work on the license, and they added the Share-Align (SAG) clause, causing the whole license name to be the CC-BS-BS-SAG license. Share-Align basically says that each text licensed under the CC-BS-BS-SAG must be left-aligned and shared for free to the Martians. This means that all texts written in the US and other "Share-Aligned" countries must be written in or translated with Google Translate into MartianScript (☊☱☄書♍☊♿漢⚡).

President Bush made en example of the laws set in place by the SAG clause by making all press releases and speeches from then on in Martian(☊☱☄書).

edit An example CC-BS-BS-SAG licensed work


edit Detribution

In 2011, CC finished work on another clause, "Detribution" (DE). The Detribution clause says that all texts must be attributed to a dead person, whether or not they were the ones who wrote it. Despite his death being very recent, singer/songwriter Bobby Hebb has already been written over 3000 texts. The whole official title became the CC-BS-BS-SAG-DE license, although that's too long of a name for this article.

edit What "Detribution" means

Detribution is a play on words. It is a combination of the prefix detra-, meaning dead, and attribution, meaning attribution. In total, Detribution means giving credit to a dead person/thing.

edit An example CC-BS-BS-SAG-DE licensed work

Written by: John Doe
In memory of John Doe (1844-3 yrs. before this was written)

edit Content


This image is licensed under the CC-BS-BS. Turn away from your screen, or be sent to jail for eternity.

The CC-BS-BS clearly states that it is completely unlawful to:

  • Write any text, especially if it is currently or is going to be licensed under the CC-BS-BS
  • Jaywalk
  • Read any further than the third page of the CC-BS-BS
  • Copy, cut, paste, or create any derivative work of the original work
    • Note: Derivative works of derivative works are illegal.
      • Derivative works of those are illegal, too.
  • Add a picture to Uncyclopedia, Wikia, or the internet in general
  • Sit or stand near a computer or electronic device
  • Apply for a copyright

Please note, if any of there rules are broken, any at all, you will be fined for 65 dollars (plus 50% tax) and sent to jail for eternity.

edit Usage on Uncyclopedia

On Uncyclopedia, CC-BS-BS and CC-BS-BS-SAG-DE licenses are considered copyright violation, and are therefore either copywronged or copylefted. Since content on Uncyclopedia is by default licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA 2.ZEROE, you have to specify its CC'd status by inserting {{CC-BS-BS}} onto those specific pages.

Okay, not really. It's not like you have to do that. Uncyclopedia is a content-free encyclopedia, and has no need for licensing their content-free content, specifically on the page Nihilism.

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