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Everyone knows that there are many religions in the world. Alas, did you ever think that the Gods created the world together? No. I didn't think so. This tells of a time when the Gods actually liked to work together.

edit The Council Ranks

Higher Council: God, Buddha, Allah, Celestial Teapot etc. (any God from a religion which only has one God)

Middle Council: The Gods from those religions which have multiple Gods (Norse, Greek, Chinese, Tirbal, etc.)

Lower Council: Creature Gods, "Mythical" Creatures (like a chimera or a minotaur, perhaps)

Special Council: consists of elves, dwarves, mermaids, cyclops ("Mythical" Human-like people) and the human entities that the Gods created to send to Earth (i.e Jesus, Celestial Teacup, etc.)

edit The Creation of the Universe

One certain time, long ago, actually even before there even was time, all the Gods in the universe gathered together. They all wanted to create a universe where people would worship them. They separated themselves into a council, with higher and lower ranks. The higher council felt like being a democratic dictatorship, so they told the other gods what to do.

THey created animals, but saw that they were stupid. This created a void. A void where there was no praise. THey longer for the praise they could receive and came up with the idea of a human, or an A.I created in their image.

They all thought of having people, a creation of intelligence to worship them. Unfortunately they failed in created a human in the beginning. Most of the gods were lazy so they created some cells. Much later, they came back to the cells to see that they had divided into a full human. It began to speak.

"I am a man," it said. The gods called it man. They saw that man was lonely and lacking in the intelligence department, so they tried again to create another human. They failed again and were left with cells. They came back later and saw a beautiful creature. It was more refined than the first one they created.

"I am woman. You made a rough draft, then a final draft. The result was me, a woman," it said. The gods called it woman. They were amazed that this creature was much smarter than the other one.

The gods decided to place man and woman on a place where they could thrive.

God ordered the Greek gods to make Earth, since most of them were good with earthy supplies. God also wanted them to make the Earth out of a person, so they all voted and chose Gaia as the person to make the Earth out of. They also came up with the idea of night and day, so they came up with the idea of the sun being a very bright chariot riding across the sky to simulate the passage of time. They also thought of having trees.

Allah watched over the creation of the elements and the weather. Allah had Thor created his thunder bolts. Mother Freya had nothing better to do, so she created love. They also created water, so that man and woman wouldn't get thirsty. They figured that man and woman would figure out that they could eat the animals.

Buddha wanted peace, so he used the tribal gods to created music, moon and the stars. They also created the moon, since with the Greeak's idea of day and night. The stars would accompany the moon.

The Celestial teapot wanted there to be tea, so he had the help of the elves find many different kinds of tea. They used the leaves from the trees the greeks made to make the delicious tea. The Celestial Teapot told man and woman the ways of reproduction. He told them in a prudish way so they were confused. The Celestial Teapot then told them in an explicit way. They got it that time.

All the other gods supervised over the creation of the planets and the rest of the universe. They created the theory of relevity and gravity to keep the humans from floating off into space.

edit The Break-up of the Council

When the gods put man and woman on Earth, they procreated. Everyonce in a while, they had homosexuals, but they didn't mind. They put that gene into some of the humans. They diverted into different races. The Gods became increasingly wary of the division. They met again and broke up into different religions. They all wrote their own versions of the creation of the universe, but in their heads they know the true way they created the world.

This brought about the creator of the internal sorrow. The Evil One (all of the evil entities into one) created the realm of evil and sorrow. It was an evil dictator, worse than the egotistical Gods. He stole the humans from their life on Earth. Then he enslaved them to create the things we own today. They are the CEO's of big companies, like Wal-Mart and McDonalds. Tim Hortons is getting pretty close, but since it is Canadian, it will never get to that point.

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