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The Correction fluid factory in the late 1940s.

“That's my usual Sunday drink.”
~ P.T. Barnum on Tipp-Ex

Correction fluid is a highly effective tool used to correct mistakes by using a brush and carefully erasing your mistakes. Commonly known as "Tipp-Ex", and is used as a new kind of paint nowadays. Correction fluid is the ejaculate of Grammar Nazis.

edit Discovery

Correction fluid was first made in Japan in the 1940s to create apple pie out of cheese puffs. The inventors never grasped the true power of correction fluid and the Empire adapted it to correct mistakes on paper with the Germans. After World War II, the Germans founded the Tipp-Ex company, and sold this powerful creation worldwide.

edit Other uses

edit As art


The Mona Lisa painted with Tipp-Ex.

Correction fluid painting was first done by Bono when he used ten gallons of the pigment to paint a picture of his own swimming trunks. The painting won several Prizes and correction-fluid style painting was spread worldwide. Many modern artists paint in correction fluid.

edit As refreshments


An Ad for the Wite Out CFRs.

Correction-fluid refreshments are sold in most countries and are a major financial support to the US. Correction Fluid Refreshments (or CFRs) were created by some dude named Dude. This fantastic idea all began when Dude drank a whole glass of Tipp-Ex instead of milk before he went to work. He quickly realized that the new found refreshment is much tastier than milk. Dude introduced this idea to the Tipp-Ex company and had fascinated the Directors very much. The CFRs were born!

Unfortunately, Dude had choked on the over-thick Tipp-Ex drink and died of suffocation. The company quickly developed another kind of CFR that would combine the fluid itself with the thinner, the amount based on the Golden Ratio. This new generation of CFR is still used nowadays.

edit Safety

Correction fluid is delicate and highly explosive. To avoid troubles, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Use only the right amount of correction fluid.
  2. Use correction fluid only when most necessary. Correction fluid attracts wasps.
  3. Never set the fluid on fire.

Follow these guidelines and you can use correction fluids safely!

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