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Blueprint for the Matterhorn

Location of the Convention of Roanne. Participants sung the song Quack, quack quack quack when they made decisions that would have an impact on every single duck that lives in an urban area on the planet.

The Convention of Roanne is a convention on the rights of ducks in urban areas.

The main outcome of this convention is the fact, that every duck that lives in an urban area has the right to have access to proper sanitary facilities.

The location of the Convention of Roanne was on top of a very high mountain. For this reason, the convention is often called the Roanne Summit.

The fact that the organizers of the Convention of Roanne were all part of the board of the Global Skiing League is purely coincidential.

edit The Case for an own Convention

The inhabitants of Roanne got fed up by the fact that other French cities were world famous because of conventions and protocols, and Roanne did not. For example, the Protocol of Sèvres made Sèvres world famous. This protocol was on a subject that is far less important than the rights of ducks in urban areas are. That is why the decicion was made to organize the Convention of Roanne. If they would have had their own convention earlier, this would not have been necessary. As one spokesman put it: If this convention would have been on the size of bananas or the limitation of air pollution on French high roads, we would have dedicated the convention to that, the ducks just happened to come along at the right time at the right place.

In 2001, a proposal was made for the Convention of Roanne to guarantee IP address space to world citizens. As most members of the city council of Roanne did not care less about this, this proposal was rejected at an early stage. Many years later, the Convention of Winterthur was organized in Switzerland, which led to the formalization of the IPv3.1416β standard.

In 2003, a proposal was made for the Convention of Roanne that would sort out environmental issues in the Provence. Even though the Provence itself was interested in sorting these issues, the rest of France did not care less and the proposal was torpedoed by some Basque dissidents.

edit Economical Effects of the Convention of Roanne

Wet tshirt muschis

TV Commercial with girls singing Quack, quack quack quack, the song that made Roanne famous, giving a boost to its economy.

Traditionally, the main income of the city of Roanne comes from the textile industry and agriculture. With the Convention of Roanne the city hopes to attract more tourists. The building in which the Convention of Roanne, which is located at a height of 9000 meters, on one of the peaks of a mountain, was held is now a museum that welcomes over 4 million visitors per year. The Roanne Duck Egg Dish, a very tasty type of dish, has become world famous and is exported to all countries of the world. The booming tourist industry of Roanne has inspired other cities in the world to host similar conventions.

An example of such a convention is the Convention of Winterthur that is about IP address space.

edit Effects of the Convention on the City of Roanne

The years following the convention, the inhabitants of Roanne were not able to walk in large parts of their city, because of the large amount of duck eggs that were lying around everywhere on the streets. This appeared to be an unexpected side effect of providing sanitary facilities for ducks.

Every year, the Donald Duck fanclub with its 9 million members organizes conferences in the city of Roanne, with workshops on how to duck when people try to shoot you and how to make sure you taste like shit if people want to serve you as part of a dish like the Peking Duck dish.

edit Daffy Duck Hooliganism

Every now and then, Roanne is in the news because of Daffy Duck Hooliganism. The hooligans believe that the ducks of Roanne should be black instead of white, and they try to paint as many white ducks black as they can. Needless to say that the ducks that are involved in this ritual are not amused by it. The hooligans also introduce black ducks from other areas of France or even from other countries of the world and hope they will eventually outnumber the indigenous white duck population. Many Daffy Duck hooligans have been accused of racism, and some have been convicted for that.

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