Compassion-deficit hyperabusive disorder

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Average facial expression of someone suffering from CDHD

Compassion-deficit hyperabusive disorder (CDHD) is a mental problem that involves disturbing intimate couples and attemping to make them break up. Symptoms can often be linked fairly closely with those of Tourette's Syndrome. People suffering from this tend to be largely unpopular and any the following: bigoted, racist, or sexist.

edit Description

edit In History

Compassion-deficit hyperabusive disorder was first thought of as a personality trait, linked very closely with being a miser or a misanthrope, or even being agrophobic. But it was later detailed that this is infact a genetic-hereditory disorder and is noticed mainly in some lines of family.

edit Causes

Scientists accept that they do not know how or where this disease comes from, but it is believed to be hereditory. This is a genetic trait that is expected to be found in the same alelle that dominates ugliness. Some say that people who suffer from this condition are most likely to have, at some point, fallen from the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down. This would explain the bitterness that sufferers feel, because they are unable to have a relationship of their own.


Evidence of the Ugliness Gene

edit Symptoms

Symptoms of Compassion-deficit hyperabusive disorder include, but are not limited to:

  • Feelings of extreme hate when intimate couples are in view
  • Verbally and Physically abusing young couples in public
  • Finding every excuse to be angry with someone you met 10 minutes before their partner came back out of the toilet in the pub.
  • Taking a baseball bat and vertically striking hands held by eachother to break the connection and/or bones in the couples wrists.

edit Treatment

Like IDHD, there is no cure for this illness. It is however funny to laugh at people with this disorder, as they will always appear angry and upset whilst everyone else is happy. What a laugh. Anyway, if you still give a shit, you should consult your local physician. There is experimental data that says that a burst of Burtrons launched at the face of someone with CDHD does somehow make their symptoms less noticeable, but it also transforms said person into a complete retard. It is noted however that Rednecks and Chavs are likely to have this [ugliness] gene, yet they still multiply like rabbits. The treatment lay lie deep in the nature of their DNA, but since no respectable researcher will have anything to do with them, we will never know.

edit In Popular Culture

edit In Music

Most noteably, the entire Emo/Scene culture seem to have somehow contracted this disorder. Artists include:

  • My Chemical Romance [chemical refers to the Burtron treatment]
  • Travis [they are so depressed all the time]
  • 50 Cent [incapable of admiring female companions]

edit Related Illnesses

Related disorders to CDHD have been noted by the Nefarious Association of Diabolical Psychiatrists (NADP). Some examples:

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