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The show's fashionably adept protagonist in action

Code Geass - Lelouche of the Rebellion is an anime series created by $unrise Studios which ran from 2008-2009. It was created by the writer for Planetes with character designs by CLAMP, which explains the intense dramatic beginning as well as the FABULOUS-looking character designs. The show is well know for its witty role reversals, racial stereotypes, sexual frustration and roller-skating robots, among other elements.

Plot Edit

In a world filled with abnormally thin people, the nation of Britannia, an alternate universe version of Britain AMERIKKKA, at one point in history evolved into a superpower and conquered half of the world with Gundam-style mech suits. Part of its foreign policy is to promote social inequality, whereby annexed countries and their people are re-branded with numbers to distinguish them from their natural Britannian superiors. The nation of Japan was conquered in 2010, thereby becoming "Area 11." Its people, the "Elevens" do stereotypical "Eleven" things such as pretending to be samurai and squinting their eyes. The main character, Lelouche vi Britannia is the disowned son of the Britannian emperor. Motivated by his daddy problems and equipped with the ability to mind-control people, Lelouche rallies Japan's Samurai Spirit in open rebellion against their imperial oppressors in a struggle for Japanese Independence. All the while, Lelouche is relentlessly pursued by two attractive yet thirsty redheads throughout the series, both of whom he has deceived into thinking he is straight.

Lelouche's first step toward Japanese Liberation is to found a group of African freedom fighters that he calls the "Black Knights". Through his tactical genius, Lelouche repeatedly leads his mentally co-dependent Samurai-wannabes to victory. In a public show of force, Lelouche eventually reveals the Black Knights to the public, revealing his masked self to be their leader. Yet despite his amazing ability as a field commander, Lelouche suffers from a lack creativity when it comes to thinking of cool code names. Self-deceived into thinking that that he is edgy and clever, the new leader of the Black Knights assumes the entirely overused pseudonym of "Zero". While initially skeptical about "Zero" due to the sheet stupidity of his name, eventually the people of Japan notice that the leader of the Black Knights actually seems to know what he is doing. Encouraged by his success against the Britannians, the people of Japan slowly but surely raise their Katanas in support of the Black Knights. Things go swimmingly up until Suzaku begins to continuously intervene, spoiling Lelouche's well-laid plans. Then to make matters worse, Europe and those darned Chinese get involved. This causes the plot to becomes increasingly complicated as the war quickly escalates into a mind-bending global conflict. Eventually the storyline begins to break down like an overemotional girl. Things begin to make little sense when Lelouche somehow becomes the new Emperor of Britannia without, the Black Knights begin fighting against him and all of his former enemies begin to follow him with unquestioning loyalty. Eventually Lelouche plans his own assassination. When this plot is successful, somehow his death makes everything all better.

Characters Edit

Code Geass includes a wide variety of characters in its cast, many of whom differ in how likeable they are. Just like any other Japanese Anime, the show includes women with every possible color of hair and a large number of characters who might be playing for the other team.

Lelouche Edit

Also known as "Zero", he is the main protagonist of the series, Lelouche is an older teenager who can't get over how his daddy doesn't like him and his mommy's death, so he organizes a rebellion against his country and pulls off all sorts of crazy stunts against his enemies, often involving brainwashing and using terrain as a weapon. Despite the fact that he is considered the smart character on the show, he exhibits limited foresight and usually manages to get his plans crushed one way or another. He is lacking in any physical abilities, which the show plays humorously when he cannot even outmaneuver a man in a full-body cast. Definitely gay, but he was a FABULOUS magnificent bastard who will be genuinely missed since he died (OR DID HE?).

C.C. Edit

Pronounced "See-two", she is the green-haired immortal witch whom which blesses Lelouche with the power Geass. Occasionally, she saves Lelouch's arse or is featured wearing a skin-tight Spandex consume that nearly shows every detail of her body. However, most often, she is seen eating Pizza Hut pizza. She eventually orders enough pizza to receive a Cheese-kun doll.

Suzaku Edit


You spin me right round baby right round.

Also known as Spinzaku, he fights for the homeland of Britannia. Suzaku is a classic new-type character with a strong moral streak. Beyond his superb abilities in a mech, he is known for physical h4X, such as wall running and 1280˚spin-kicks. He is most often seen shitting up Lulu's plans, his antics are most often met with laughter and approval by his Britannian slave-masters. A confirmed bad-ass. Might be gay, but seems to lean both ways. After Lelouche dies (allegedly), Suzaku is forced to live out the rest of his life using Lelouch's "Zero" identity.

Kallen Edit

Kallen is one Badass mother. A fiery redhead with a major temper and a V-card that is perfectly intact, she is one of the best mech fighters in the series, and is only equaled in skill by Suzaku. For a brief time, Lelouche becomes her love interest, only for her feelings to be spurned by his romantic hopelessness.

Ougi Edit

Kaname Ougi, the Secretary General of the Order of the Black Knights and officially Zero's second in command. Like other anime traitors, Ougi's actions were incomprehensible. He wears a Star of David on his normal clothes and his hair puffs up like an Afro, a prime characteristic of der Jew.

Jeremiah Edit

Jeremiah, who started out as an unlikable racist villain that was amusingly labelled ORANGE by Lelouche when first trolled near the start of the series. He gets his arse handed to him, but later he returns as an over-the-top cyborg. Orange-kun eventually joins up with Lelouche out of LOYALTY and eventually retires to live in an orange farm of all places.

Euphemia Li Britannia Edit


The Euphienator at work.

Also known as "Euphie", the initially was nice, sweet, utterly boring spoiled princess until she was hypnotized with an unexpected and intense bloodlust. In her Geass-induced state, Euphie slaughtered approximately 200,000 "Elevens" within the span of about five minutes. She is now also known as "genocide-tan" or "the Euphienator".

Emperor of Britannia Edit

One of the main antagonists of the series is the mighty emperor of the world's superpower. Like his son, Lelouche, he wields the power of Geass in addition to a swell haircut. Originator of the ultimate comeback: "What of it?"

Reception Edit

Code Geass managed to appealed to somebody and gradually gained a following. But the show arguably took a turn for the worse when the already melodramatic and highly-entertaining series turned into a mess where the sheer insanity became fun to watch, both in addition to and instead of its other merits and flaws. Several viewers felt this made the show a "train wreck" and kept watching to see how bad it could get, while others in the community who still liked the series joined in the experience out of interest, fascination and frustration. Both critics and supporters couldn't help laughing at the physics-bending antics, the ridiculous plot twists and arguing over all the surprises the show was throwing at them. In the end, critics rated the show highly, praising the show for the shape of C.C.'s booty and the hilarious design of Lelouche's helmet, but criticized it for its poorly plotted train-wreck of a story.

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