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Mexicans celebrate the feast of Cinco de Mayo.

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El Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in Mexico. It celebrates the prostitution of Mexican women board game players against France in a long, drawn-out game of Risk.

Cinco de Mayo has become a well-known Mexican festival where participants consume 5 jars of mayonnaise. It is generally celebrated on the sacred holiday of "El Día Para Limpiar El Refrigerador", whose date and frequency varies widely from region to region, and indeed, from household to household.


The origin of the phrase "cinco de mayo" is difficult to ascertain, but it is believed to come from the words "cinco" (Spanish for "five jars"), "de" (Spanish for "we don't use apostrophes"), and "mayo" (Spanish for "mayonnaise party").


Mayo copy

The cause of the conflict.

One hundred years ago today in 1912, Mexico ordered a large supply of mayonnaise from France. This was to be delivered in New York and then sent down to Mexico. Unfortunately, the ship they sent the mayo on sank. As you can guess it was the Titanic. Word of its sinking did not reach Mexico until May 5th (Titanic sank in mid-April). The Mexicans were so upset they created a national day of mourning on that day. They called it Cinco de Mayo, or in English, "Sinking of the Mayonnaise." This had been said by Bradley Hall, about an hour ago.


Although Mexican beer is not consumed during Cinco de Mayo, it is heavily advertised on American television during that time.

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