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Pink converse


Chuck Taylor was the president of the Converse Shoe Barn from 20 BC to 66 BC. The shoes he sold, known as "Chucks", "Converse Chucks", "Converse All Stars", "Chuck Taylor All Stars" or simply "All Stars" have been a popular foot craze for the last century, particularly now in the 2010s. They are considered the "alternative Ugg". Unlike Uggs, the Converse Chucks are more durable, contain more mileage when walking, are more stylish, and have a more comfortable fit for any size. Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are currently donating these sneakers to poor people and hillbillies.


Silver chuck

Uggs can suck it

The Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker was invented back in the day (date unknown), when, George Washington needed a shoe shine, as there were none in the general area. His 12 dollar penny loafers were filthy and needed serious cleaning and explaining to do. However, he was a stubborn mule (also when signing that declaration thing). Desperate needing a clean pair of shoes, Washington wrote a letter to his gay nephew named Chuck Thaddeus Taylor, who owned a cream of wheat shop and was the president of Converse Shoe Barn. Taylor helped Washington out, by inventing a black sneaker with a white circle in the middle. Washington tried it on, demanding it needed some more zing. Taylor added a star to the white circle, then thought of a catchy slogan to attract customers. There were hundreds of failed slogans, including: "Barf Stars", "Your Stars", "Idol Stars", "Meat Stars", "Five Stars", "Newton Stars", etc. Taylor then decided to drop the last "s" in stars, to make it only star. Thus the phrase "All Star" was born. The shoe became an instant success that Taylor needed to expand manufacturing overseas into Japan and Cambodia. The Civil War eventually broke out, with Washington dead and a mysteriously tall man with a long beard who came into office. This guy, named Abe Lincoln, invested in Chuck Taylor's business. Then, all presidents started to wear these shoes, making a a strong influence for Americans to wear them. The shoe eventually was sold globally in only black.

After Chuck Taylor's death, teenage girls and boys started to beg their parents non stop to buy these shoes. The average price of one pair of shoes was 78 dollars. Production still occurred overseas, while the sale price continued to increase slowly. By 1950, over 85 billion pairs of shoes were purchased by people between ages 12 and 49.

Throughout the years, the Chuck Taylor shoe sustained its popularity. The shoe itself never changed its appearance, except in 1920, when Taylor's signature was added to the white circle.

The Chuck Taylor half tops were discovered by accident, when a man was pissed off at his girlfriend, instead of slitting his wrists, he cut his Chucks halfway with a saw. A neighbor noticed this violent act and spread the word of a new way to wear Chucks. Other ideas quickly came into play, with different shoe colors and designs. The original black shoe started to look dark and dismal, when in 1944, a girl from Iowa bought the world's first pink Chucks. Blue was then later added in 1945, silver in 1949, red, green, orange, purple, polka dot, and white were added in 1965. White has been delayed several times, due to the Civil Racist issues and M&M's crisis.

The Shoe Today


Emo girls have to live their lives to the fullest.

Converse basics

A girl posing with basic black Chucks

Reviews, posters, billboards, movies, songs, viral videos, hot models, and other media have publicized the shoe in the biggest way possible.

The evolution of Chuck Taylor shoes became a huge hit when middle schoolers and high schoolers began wearing them everyday, even while sleeping. The main reasons are: comfort and affordability. Uggs cost over 150 bucks, while Chucks cost nearly 30-50 bucks. They are better looking and can outlast Uggs.

Beginning in the 2010s, the shoe has been seen only worn by girls in their teens. This is because a large amount of young teenage girls began forming mobs at their local shopping malls, buying these popular shoes, where the boys were stepped upon and were molested in places that people hate visualizing. This occurred frequently in Foot Locker and other shoe stores. Since the brutal shopping mob attacks, all Foot Locker stores have beefed up their security measures.

The Chuck Taylor shoes have been very popular with the Emo crowd. Emo girls (especially Emo Asians and Whites) wear the Chuck Taylor high top sneakers, often with the laces untied. A common practice is that the Emo girls and their friends unite and write spells and love poems all over their Chucks with pen.


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