What is the true meaning of Christmas? Many have struggled with this question, from Charlie Brown to Charlie Chaplin, and yet the question has never been easily answered. For some, it is about one of the following Santas:

Santa's Elves
Santa CatarinaSanta Claus
Santa Fe, New Mexico

And who can forget the most important Santa:

For others, it is about one of the following Christs:

ChristchurchChristchurch (Dorset)
Christian BaleChristian Dailly
Christian FestivusChristian Logic
Christian RightChristian Science
Christian SlaterChristian Symbology in Pokémon
Christian gothsChristian metal
Christine O'Donnell
Christmas Carol
Christmas IslandChristmas Number OnesChristmas Tree
Christmas card
Christmas in Australia
Christopher ColumbusChristopher EcclestonChristopher Hitchens
Christopher LeeChristopher LloydChristopher Marlowe
Christopher Reeve
Christopher WalkenChristopher Wolstenholme
Christosaurus rexChristy ClarkChristy Hemme
Christy Turlington

For yet others, it is about alcohol, food, and more alcohol. For the large majority of the world, however, it is just another day of the week to be cold and hungry.

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