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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Chocolate?
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Milk?
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They make excellent clocks(09:00 P.M.)

“Good Stuff.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Chocolate Milk
“I like chocolate Milk.”
~ Cheese on Chocolate Milk
“It's chocolate combined with milk!”
~ Captain Obvious on Chocolate Milk
“What the hell?”
~ Random Cow on Chocolate Milk
“Sorry, there was chocolate milk there.”
~ Brandon Dicamillo on Chocolate Milk
“It helps build strong bones, bitches.”
~ Nesquik Bunny on Chocolate Milk
“Chocolate milk is very chocolatey with a hint of milk in it.”
~ Smart ass on Chocolate Milk

edit History

Chocolate Milk is somewhat a form of dairy comprised of chocolate and sperm(A.K.A. Milk). It was discovered in 69 B.C. in what is now South America by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Its mystical properties cause you to become more prone to catching AIDS(Which you already have) and ejaculateing Spaghetti. There are some forms of chocolate milk that comes from chocolate cows in Russia, but are rarely seen because Stalin won't share milk secrets.

edit It Helps Build Strong Bones

BULLSHIT!!! It only contains 0.1% Calcium and you have to weight lift to gets da muscles. Masturbation doesn't help either...well actually, yes it does. Butt Still, you need to move around to get muscles instead of drinking the milk and let it do the work for you.

Did you know...
I don't care about your feelings.


edit Uses

There is a variety of ways you can use chocolate milk such as:

edit Side Effects

Side affects may include:


Drinking chocolate milk makes you the coolest kid in school

edit Product Information

    If you are experience any pains or symptoms, please Call:
    1-800-FUCK-OFF, thanks for calling.
    P.S. Why so serious?
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